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March 18, 2010



Dreamy. And not one dirty hippy in sight.


In case anyone mixes them up, this is Woodstock VT not Woodstock NY. Except for the cars it still looks like this, more or less.


One of my all-time favourite images. I saw it on a Christmas card years ago, and have been looking for it since.
Many bootless years down the road, it turns up - sure enough - at the always excellent Shorpy blog.
Better yet, it turns out to have been taken by the lovely and wonderfully talented Marion Post Wolcott...http://www.shorpy.com/node/7860?size=_original
Thank you Marion; and thank you Shorpy!


Hey, I've been there...pretty town, but there are lots of (grown-up, aged) hippies floating around during the daylight hours.


[Imagine dumb girly-squeak voice here:]

Oh, NOES!!!

They had a foot of, like, global warming all over the streets back in, like, 1940, too? Ohhh, how long has this, like, global catastrophe been going on? And only NOW do we have the important right-thinking scientists with modern tools like their hockey-stick graphs to PROVE the consensus on the incontrovertible fact that our evillll ways make it, like, hot and then cold, stormy then clear.

OMIGOSH they were all, like, dooooooomed even way back then and they didn't have a Goreacle to tell them about it, those poor sad carbon-effluent-emitting people!!!! How did they, like, survive at all??????

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