The Warm Earth

Friday Ephemera

Surfing, baby. // Sana’a, Yemen. (h/t, Maggie’s Farm) // Tetris in hell. (h/t, Franklin) // Celebrities thought most likely to die during 2010. // Magnetic sculptures by Robert Hodgin. // Handbags of note. // More porn for the blind. (sfw) // Broadway and Fifth, 1905. // Vintage Russian board games. // Another handsome Bugatti. // Hot Rod covers of the 40s and 50s. (h/t, Monoscope) // A Ferrari made of wool. // World’s saddest cookbook. // Bacon sushi. // An imperial AT-AT made of bacon. // Cultural fusion and its opposite. // When awesome things collide. // Why The Matrix Reloaded is a terrible, terrible film