The Crushing Patriarchy, Episode 12
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Friday Ephemera

Do not fart loudly on live television. (h/t, Iowahawk) // A feast of Harryhausen. // Behold the footprint of Muhammad. Comes with tooth and magic beard hair. // The brides of Frankenstein. // Airspace rebooted. // Assorted Woob. // At last, a cardboard record player. And fretless faders, too. // Photo distortion mask. // Designer sex toys. // The thrill of socialist modernism. (h/t, MeFi) // It’s raining magnetised plasma. // Gummi bear surgery. // Synth cushions. // An Enterprise made of sausage. // A touch screen you don’t touch. // Time-lapse orthodontics.



The fart debate looks split on party lines. Democrats don't fart apparently. :)


"It's raining magnetised plasma."

The SDO films are amazing.


Here's one...

Tom Logan, the OED's deputy director of A to C, said: "Meaning-wise, 'bigot' has been on shaky ground for quite some time and, like most bad things, it's entirely the fault of The Guardian. Guardian readers think anyone who doesn't love The Wire is a bigot. They think anyone who hasn't had an interesting experience in a two-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh is a bigot. They think anyone who doesn't like Greco-Javanese fusion food is a bigot."

"Meanwhile, anyone who hasn't read a book about the right-wing media conspiracy against Hezbollah is the absolute worst kind of bigot and of course they now think I'm an appalling bigot for pointing that out. But perhaps most damning of all is that these are the sort of twisted, ruined people who will endure at least 15 minutes of The Kumars at Number 42 simply to prove that everyone else is intellectually evil."'bigot'-loses-all-meaning-201004292689/


Heh. I was felled by the photo.

Which, I notice, also crops up here:

The Thin Man

Wow. From the comments on the designer sex toys link we find - a site which apparently

"brings sustainable sexy back to the bedroom" or so says Treehugger.

And the Form 2 device (whatever that does - is it some kind of lesbian clothes peg? Or perhaps a modernist tuning fork?) is "like having Earth Month between your thighs only sexier".

I didn't realise that the environmental movement has its' fingers in so many pies (if that's the right word).

Ted S., Catskills, NY

Oh, my, that Yugoslav art is interesting in itself. But the cars and light fixtures are even trippier if you ask me.


Who is this Muhammed whose footprint you are showing? Could you show me a picture of him? A cartoon will do.

carbon based lifeform

Speaking of farts, check out the Better Marriage Blanket...

It gets rid of "offending molecules". The ideal gift!


It’s a comfort to know products like that exist.

carbon based lifeform

I thought you'd like it.

Wm T Sherman

I despise the table-stabbing little freak as much as the next guy, but that noise was as coffee cup.

Wm T Sherman

Off topic. Please to peruse the May 1 Doonesbury strip. Am I alone in discerning some fairly blatant misogyny?


"that noise was as coffee cup."

I don't think they'd look embarrassed if it was just a coffee cup squeak.


David, I thought you'd have posted an Iron Man review by now. Have you seen it yet?



“I thought you’d have posted an Iron Man review by now.”

I saw it this morning but I wasn’t planning to review it. It’s nowhere near as nimble and economical as the first film. It’s intermittently witty and there are a couple of slick set pieces – the Black Widow’s one-woman takedown of a corridor full of security guards is great fun. But the plot’s a shambles, the pacing uneven, and the film spends too much time setting up forthcoming Marvel projects rather than focussing on a satisfying story of its own. Downey is good but Don Cheadle is miscast and Sam Rockwell is just annoying. It’s shiny and loud and pretty to look at, but I wanted to like it more than I did.

And don’t get me started on the whole business of making a new element with a laser beam and a wrench.


Mr. Sherman,
Per my post there, I suspect GT is setting up for a (to me) transparent attempt to twist this into a Mohamed cartoon issue.

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