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May 02, 2010



"When it comes to identity politics, the boundaries between mainstream and delusional aren't as clear as one might wish."

Marcotte was hired by John Edwards AND she thinks the shape of laundry baskets may be sexist.



I'm pretty sure academics like this one serve a purpose.

It's to show us why universities should acquire their funding for many department chairs from private means and not from tax dollars (if they do this they can hire whoever they want, really: it's their burden to carry).

It also shows us the logical conclusions that "moderates" might lead us to if given half a chance.

And it provides English with great oxymorons. This one, for example, gives us "Feminist scholarship". Right up there with the eminent usefulness of, say, hagiography.

Throw in Dworkin and we can create a real virtual zoo.

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