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May 27, 2010



But David, they're making peace ponchos and compost toilets. And there's naked yoga.

Mr Eugenides

I... I just...


The peace and love really kicks in around 1:45.


WTF does "unity through diversity" mean?

"Lots of different ideas and opinions"

Yeah, right!


> WTF does "unity through diversity" mean?

As much as Freedom is Slavery...


Yes, the whole “unity through diversity” thing rather hits the rocks around 1:45. And there seemed to be further disharmony during the naked yoga protest:


I suspect the gentleman’s sentiments are: “Get your filthy hippie tits off of my cab.”


I see the nice middle class guy at 3:26 thinks the revolution will come by anarchists growing their own food. No specialisation of labour for him. In the meantime he raids skips for "fresh" food because we all know capitalists throw away food before it's reached the sell by date. I kind of like his small-holding solution and only wish that he would actually do it. I mean, no one has actually tried to live in a hippie commune ever before, so we have no idea how well it would work. They could even give the commune a name, say Smithtown or Jonestown.

Karen M

Care in the community.


6:08: "playing nice music, dress nice. It's like going back 800 years (sic), like the Vikings and Saxons. Reminds me of that period."

Because the time of the Viking and Saxon was noted for peace, harmony, dress sense and hippy dip crap. That Age certainly can't be described as Dark.


"Will remain here until our demands are met."

These tossers don't have jobs then? Shocker.


"...You're just making it up!...."
SHE was just making it up?
I had to quit then. The stupid, it was burning far too much. And the other thing is, I swear I've seen these exact imbecilic faces in video clips in each of the decades since the 60s. That must've been when their starship landed.
Arizona is thinking wayyyy too small...


Wait. I take it all back. My mind has been changed by the radical dance moves around 2:56. I want in on that.


"unity through diversity"
"let a million flowers bloom"
"Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations"

Oh, wait, that last one is Vulcan Philosophy from Star Trek.


"peace justice freedom" that's what the banner reads.

Peace is incompatible with justice and freedom. Freedom means perpetual war against tyranny. Justice means perpetual war against crime. But peace cannot be achieved by giving up justice and freedom.


Plus... guerrilla gardening!


"They come in peace to dig and sow."


“Plus... guerrilla gardening!”

I can’t help noticing the impromptu garden has a banner that reads, “Sacred to the goddess. Don’t touch.” Don’t touch? But surely that’s like... private property... and property is theft. Why, that’s the capitalist system talking. It’s practically fascism. You can’t, like, “own” a garden, dude.


Have to agree with Mr Eugenides. Sometimes, there are no words..

Mind you, I think my idea of hell is attending a BBQ where the main concerns were these:



Well at least it would be enlivened by the prospect of fights breaking out between pacifists.


I was touched by the raised beds at the end where they were growing either food or flowers. Prolly the same as far as they're concerned.

And I noticed they'd commandeered Glenn Beck's chalkboard and put it to "better use."

Lacking a firearm, I'd settle for a cyanide capsule.


That's a helluva lot of stupid for such a small piece of grass.

Another Steve

"unity through diversity"

I bet my kind of diversity would engender a whole bunch of disunity from them.

sackcloth and ashes

There's a throw-away line in 'Brave New World', in which one of the Alphas describes what happened before the utopia of Huxley's imagination was established. It was something along the lines of '9,000 simple lifers were mown down in Golders Green'.

It used to fill me with horror and nausea over some unspeakable atrocity committed in the name of the 'perfect society'. Now I'm not so sure ...


I like how the dumpster-divers talk about all the "free" food, ignoring the fact that if the markets hadn't bought the food in the first place, and discarded it to avoid making their customers ill (and/or a lawsuit of some kind), that food would not exist. These people are leeches.


Hell? Oh, come on. Any time I hear an anarchist call for the police or watch peace protesters head-butt each other, that's what I expect the movies in Heaven to be like.

And btw, was that line "No dogs body" or "Ho dogs body"? And WTF it mean?



“These people are leeches.”

More on Freeganism, bin foraging and the virtues of “voluntary joblessness” here:


And this seems relevant, if only for the insights into “humanure” and sewerless composting toilets:



Them as wants to do the subsistence-level farming thing are hereby invited to buy a one-way ticket to Zimbabwe or Bolivia or Laos.

I'll even chip in this-here double sawbuck if it'll speed things up.


here's some serious bunny love to cheer you all up



Ahhh. Frisky little critters.


That bunny is really going at it like... something that goes at it quite a lot.

sackcloth and ashes

On a lighter note, can I say how rare it is to see that Mr Eugenides is actually lost for words.


I wonder how many have trust funds or quietly hide in the back of their minds the sense of security that they have of comfortable middle-class existences to return to the moment they are sated on love and diversity?

Have to rush, I have a whole day of 'compulsory' cultural awareness training to go to.


Thank you for the links, Mr. Thompson, and my congratulations on an excellent choice for your first name.


Monty Python should sue for copyright infringement. These people are a cross between the peasants in The Holy Grail and the religious mobs in The Life of Brian.

Elrond Hubbard

Lacking a proper firearm, one could use a good polo mallet.

Mark Peters

Antisocial leeches, the whole lot of them. Each one able bodied and of sufficient mind to work and contribute to society, yet they choose to dumpster dive and squat on public lawns. Pathetic.


People like this is why God began "smiting" and gave us the knowledge to invent the machinegun.

phantom menace

"We will remain here until our demands are met."

Translation: We won't get jobs until we get bored with pissing about.


The Eighties throwback around 7:05 sort of sums it up, really.

“You don’t need those stupid materialistic luxuries.”

No, he just needs *other people’s* stupid materialistic luxuries, including other people’s houses in which he expects to squat, righteously of course. It must be such a comfort to have moral pretensions that involve risking nothing, sacrificing nothing, achieving nothing, defending nothing and – oh yes - Getting Stuff For Free.

Because that’s not selfish or greedy at all, is it?


I saw a flash of a "Palestinian" flag at the very end. Everyone knows that's synonymous with peace, love and gardening.

Wm T Sherman

Inexpensive meals are not limited to dumpster diving. There's hobo stew, for example. Enquire at Ace of Spades HQ.

I met a particularly notable couple of idiots of this sort back ca. 1990. A boyfriend and girlfriend attending college; the boyfriend was offspring of an acquaintance. They gave away their dining hall meal tickets to the needy and ate out of dumpsters, had all their causes, etc. It was all about peace, social justice, and patronizing moral superiority.

The girl was lucious. She routinely traveled from the East Coast to San Francisco by hitchhiking, alone. There was plenty of money for airfare, but she had her hobby. Several people warned her, loudly, that she was going to end up dead. "I can spot the bad ones," she said placidly. She was last seen getting on board a semi in Wells, Nevada. Vanished. This put a crimp in the next plan she and her boyfriend had: touring Latin America while living on nothing.

Bunnies, forsooth.

Spiny Norman

With the appearance of the "9/11 TRUTH NOW" placard at the very beginning, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

I was not disappointed.

Wm T Sherman

(sp) I meant 'luscious.'

And 'dead.' As a doornail. I meant that too.

Charles U. Farley

Man...never a soccer hooligan when you need them...

Mind you--the black girl preaching "love" was pretty cute; I wouldn't mind discussing the topic of "love" with her in more..intimate detail.

(Well, come on...somebody had to do the stereotypical thing--might as well be me).


"Lacking a firearm, I'd settle for a cyanide capsule."

Interesting. How do you make them bite it?


And just where do they scrounge for their medical care? Haven't heard of hospitals tossing doctors in the disposal bins. Oh, wait, WE get to pay for that...


Hey... that's just like downtown Vancouver, on a normal day!


Just a shame Millwall weren't playing at Chelsea or Arsenal that day.

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