Dupes and Opium

Friday Ephemera

Small child + rocket = home dentistry. // Rock-paper-scissors world championships. // The Russian Empire, 1909-1915. (h/t, Mick) // Boeing 720 controlled impact demonstration, in stills and video. (h/t, Things) // Itty bitty cars. // Enclosed electric motorbike. // Magnetic tape fondling. // Working Lego firearms. // Tone of voice reveals upper body strength. // Because everyone should have a sling for their axe. // 1,172 NASA images. // A blog about the whiteboards in the Big Bang Theory. // Scale. (h/t, TDK) // How to make a Chicago-style hot dog. // Hitchens on the Prince of Piffle. // The x-ray pin-up calendar. // Augmented shadow



The Russian empire photos are wonderful.

I *so* want that coat...


Followed the NASA link. There goes my morning.

carbon based lifeform

"Rock-paper-scissors world championships."

I thought we'd moved on to rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock...?



Those little cars are funny, but I fear they'd fall in one of our potholes! Plus we've just got rid of these stinkers in East Germany.


Rock-Paper-Scissors world championships are the opiate of the masses. Is Terry Eagleton aware that such decadent behavior is occurring? Sorry, it just begged to be said...


Ah... Friday comes again, and with it more evidence that some people have waaay too much time on their hands.

Regarding the axe sling: I'm sure it's very useful, but isn't there something a bit 'lumberjack' about it? I found myself humming, 'I cut down trees, I skip and jump, I hang around in bars etc etc'


David, you've done it again. The Russian Empire photos are just simply gobsmacking.

Thank you for linking me to this incredible historical document.

Andrew Duffin

On the dentistry thing, we used to do it with a brick, an upstairs window, and a piece of thin strong thread not QUITE long enough to reach the ground.

The technique is described in some detail - with additional dramatic episodes - in the opening chapter of Arthur Ransome's classic childrens' book "The Big Six".

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