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Friday Ephemera

Watch your enemies flee from the mighty robochair. // Bee. // Coloured bacon. // Mobile bush. // A festival of facial hair. // The Butch Clothing Company, for ladies who like waistcoats. // How to stick your hand into molten lead. // Assorted bowling scoreboards. // Amputee cat gets bionic feet. // The photographs of Stuart Hall. // Honolulu, August 14, 1945. (h/t, Coudal) // ‘Shroom lamps. // Cellmate of note. // New York, 1910. // Unicorn meat. // Stop-motion drawing. // Secure parking. // Sci-fi airshow. // “The balloon reached an altitude of 125,ooo feet, recording video along the way.” 



Coloured bacon is like those heritage tomatoes, or the golden watermelon that M&S are doing this summer. It just looks...wrong!

And what the...?

"Ever had trouble getting your kids to eat their meat?"

I thought parents had trouble getting kids to eat vegetables, not meat?

Brian H

The weather balloon video is wonderful.

Simen Thoresen

Unicorn is meat for vegetarians.



"Ever had trouble getting your kids to eat GREEN meat?"

The orange bacon looks tasty though.


"Watch your enemies flee from the mighty robochair."

David, your enemies won't need to flee very quickly...


“...your enemies won’t need to flee very quickly...”

Ah, you won’t be saying that when you see the upgrade. It’ll be 200 metres high with lava cannons and a bone-rattling sound system.

Then we’ll party.


Some major cute...


I *so* want that dog.

carbon based lifeform

Love the bionic cat feet. But why don't they make that duh-duh-duh-duh noise?

Dutch Canuck

I was afraid to click on the "Bees" link ... I thought it might be something like this:

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