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John D

"Anarchist" is just another word for wanker. Always has been, always will be.


Despite the moronic moans of the MSM (Grauniad, Al Beeb, etc) it isn't the right wingers who make trouble and cause problems. It is always the lefties who riot and destroy and steal.

They come masked and equipped to do as much damage as possible in "protest" against people and businesses who haven't ever harmed them. But they can "justify" their violence, and that always scores well with our media overlords.


I’m inclined to wonder what these people would do if their terribly radical vandalism were interrupted by, say, the owner of the store, or an outraged employee whose livelihood is being screwed with.


It would be fun if they hold the next G(20|8) meeting in Atlanta, Houston, or some other US city with sensible gun laws.

I predict the soap-dodgers would behave themselves.


Looks as if one of 'da bros' is doing a little 'liberatin''.


Wanker #3 is liberating those phones from the evil fascist corporations. Besides property is THEFT, man.


“Wanker #3 is liberating those phones from the evil fascist corporations.”

Quite. People who think themselves heroic for disdaining property rights generally mean *other people’s* property rights, not their own.

From what I’ve seen, the object of “Black Bloc” tactics is to seek out conflict, vandalise and intimidate - preferably while escaping the legal, financial and moral consequences. It’s hard to see what these “activists” hope to achieve, beyond destroying other people’s property while getting high on adrenalin and a rush of ego.

It’s a pattern of sociopath entitlement and it’s common to protests of this kind. For instance, last year’s “occupation” of the NYU food centre disrupted the classes of other students and caused widespread damage. Naturally, those responsible demanded “full legal and disciplinary amnesty” while boasting about their “infinite rage” and how they “put their bodies on the line” for “social justice.” Presumably these radical titans imagined it was “social justice” to leave the taxpayer with a repair bill for $80,000.



I wonder if someone were to introduce these "anarchists for higher taxation" to real anarchy they might stop (or be unable to continue due to injuries)?


"sociopath entitlement"

Cue video...


Best line: "This is what democracy looks like."


Thanks, updated.

“Best line: ‘This is what democracy looks like.’”

Closely followed by the territorial chant of “our streets.” Which takes on a warm, fuzzy glow when howled by a mob of masked looters armed with clubs.

Karen M



Some people just want to watch the world burn.

I heard that somewhere. Huh.


Oh I dunno, I kind of envy them. I suppose I'll never know the feeling one can get by casting a chair against Tim Horton and his fascist doughnuts of oppression.

Note what "Tony" says here on CTV's site:

"Protesters are NOT criminals. The illegal powers given to the police made the protesters criminals. This propaganda is to discourage anyone from doing anything that incites any REAL change. People walking peacefully down the street get ignored and bullied. All the windows are INSURED so stop focusing on the collateral damage and start talking about the change these people are marching for. Stop shadowing the real issues with this "violence" non-sense. In all reality, no one was hurt except BY the police. People need to start sticking together in this country for any "good" change and stop being divided by these master puppeteers."

Simen Thoresen

Society lost the fight when they allowed the rioters to take 'our streets' by force. The police was there to protect 'our streets' from the vandals, and when they backed down, society lost.

I've come to wonder if in a normally civilized society, the police is there to protect the criminals (and those perceived of being such) from the wrath of the public. Once the police fail to do so, as they did here, society will have to protect itself against the criminal element, without the expertise of - and the rules that bind - the police.

I too would very much love to see these protesters run into some real opposition. Opposition who cares more about their property than about the well being of the protesters.



"... the police is there to protect the criminals (and those perceived of being such) from the wrath of the public"

Bang on. See the recent Jihadi protests at returning soldiers. Who are the police protecting? Us? I think not.
Remove them and let's see who ends up bruised.


Another protest. Another riot. Another looting. After 40+ years of this, it's tiresome to read about it. The time to act was 40 years ago. Too late now.

DC Handgun Info

Too bad Canada has decided to eschew personally owned firearms. Put 25 shop owners with shotguns in their stores to defend their stores, and those so-called anarchist BASTARDS would run like scared mice. The video is horrifying to me -- using an ice ax or bricks to smash shop windows!!

May I suggest implementing an eye for an eye: Identify the miscreants then have a court order their windows broken "for the greater good" and for educational purposes.

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