Friday Ephemera



Not everyone could wear a coat like that. The photos are amazing.


“Not everyone could wear a coat like that.”

Yes, and combined with those boots it might almost look... girly. If not for the sword.


He's clearly a fat, ill, poof


Is he a founding Evil INC member? He has a Gold Illuminati badge!


For some reason I’m reminded of Captain Pugwash. Maybe it’s the boots and the physique.

Horace Dunn

Captain Pugwash? Oh no. Surely Abdul Abulbul Amir...

Wm T Sherman

"I saw it in the window, and just had to have it."


I can't see him galloping on a horse and firing an arrow backwards.


These are wonderful photos. Amazingly vivid. They have a sort of stereoscopic feel to them -- Mohammed and his fabulous dressing-gown appear to be on a different visual plane to the concrete wall. I'm glad that the photoshop boffs didn't try and make them too natural or blended. The hyper-real quality is very attractive.


Those photos are awesome. We tend to think of the past as black-and-white, or sepia-tone, but (pace Calvin's Dad) of course it wasn't. Victorian houses had eye-thrashingly colorful paint jobs, clothing was vivid, and even advertising was garish and gonzo.

The Russian photos of central Asia could almost be taken today -- just add some AK-47s and cover the faces of the women.

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