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Friday Ephemera

Reveal your “unique essence” with a celestial soul portrait. // Baby dreams. // Bacon caviar. // Crap at my parents’ house. // Iconic photographs. Including Evelyn McHale, Khrushchev and H G Wells with Lenin. // Wild marijuana grows on East Village sidewalks. // Art Deco motorbike. // A blizzard of feathers. (Caution: text contains art bollocks.) // Astronaut insurance. // Photographs of light. // Arresting bookshelves. // Webtagging. // Watchmen, Star Trek and Inception sound design. // When you need toast, stat. // Manufacturing sex dolls. // Wienermobiles of note. 



The photo of Evelyn McHale is incredible, haunting. She seems so peaceful.


The celestial soul portraits are... stunning. And only $250!


“And only $250!”

And it’s a comfort to know that everyone’s “inner essence” looks like it belongs in a low-budget Saturday morning cartoon.



Oh, come on. That’s a quality product. Go Thundercats!


Thumb up on the celestial pictures. Would you publish a picture of yourself somewhere, in case one of your loyal readers would like to provide you with an oh-so-special gift?

The baby-dreams are a bit creepy. I'm seeing Victorian baby-pictures here;

Now I'll spend a few hours goofing off with the light-pictures and the iconic images blog. Thank you ;-)


carbon based lifeform

David, re the music for Inception...

Spiny Norman

Of course, some jackass had to crap on the Khrushchev photo with the comment:

"One tyrant paying homage to another one."

It's the same line of thinking that claims Churchill was as much a "criminal" and "tyrant" as Hitler.



Perversity is the new 'hip'.


Love the laser beam shooting out of Iasos' head. Is he a celestial soul Dalek, maybe?


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