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Friday Ephemera

Electrons over Chicago. // Cardboard speakers. // Conan the Barbarian: the Musical. // A brief guide to boogers. // The hipster fashion cycle. // Ankle pony boots. // Eyeborg. // Bear rug. // Mandelbox. // Glenn Beck on lost American history. (h/t, dicentra) // “It wasn’t peace activists who liberated Auschwitz.” // Puffer fish. // Ventricle vase. // A collection of miniature heads. // Surfers and swimmers, seen from below. (h/t, Coudal) // Serendipity. // Going down, going up. // For people with partial hands. // At last, waffle lollies. // Shatner does War of the Worlds


Spiny Norman

This comment at the hipster fashion cycle link is damned funny:

"This comment thread has turned into a hipster cycle. One person broadly agrees –> one person is extremely upset –> everyone makes fun of the really upset person for many comments –> then it dies down until someone finally broadly agrees."



Love the bear rug!


The 'lost American history' video is fascinating. But wait, I though Glenn Beck was evil...?

John D

"Conan the Barbarian: the Musical"




Karen M

"Hear the lamentation of the women..." :D

Next: Arnie and Topol- together at last!

Jason Bontrager

I think the lightning in Chicago is God's way of supporting the 2nd Amendment. I can just hear Him bellowing, in his best Charleton Heston voice: "Let My People Go...Armed!!!":-)

sackcloth and ashes


Dennis Praeger knows fuck-all about Europe.

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