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August 20, 2010


Spiny Norman

"Keith Boadwee is an Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute."

Oh good lord. All I can say is... er, I am not surprised.


Spiny Norman

By the way, the "Buzzing the Grand Canyon" clip is a helpful antidote. What fun.


When my dad was in the US Navy in the 1960s, he flew on P2V Neptune anti-submarine aircraft, and hated when his pilot would do that in Hawaiian gorges...


Anyone else find the walking table curiously...disturbing?



“All I can say is... er, I am not surprised.”

Exactly, and I suppose that’s the tragedy of it. Does Professor Boadwee imagine this is shocking and provocative to anyone besides small children and idiots? Doesn’t he realise that his displays just look desperate and rather sad? And the obligatory reference to “identity politics” can’t hide the fact that the professor can’t bear to take himself out of the picture:

“Here I am naked and smeared with paint, unattractively.”

“Here I am shitting paint onto a canvas, unattractively.”

“Oh look, here are my unattractive genitals.”

“Oh look, here they are again.”


"Cat fashion show."

Some of those cats look really pissed off.


"Oh look, here are my unattractive genitals."

Yeah, I could do without seeing a guy shooting paint out of his arse.
But I like backwards ABBA. :D

Horace Dunn

Given Professor Broadwee's stated ... erm ... technique, I can't help speculating that there is a potential health hazard here (put simply - he is presenting the public with materials that have come out of his bottom). I relish the idea of a fight between Broadwee and the Health and Safety people: the one bleating about censorship and oppression and the other bleating about whatever it is these people bleat about. It would be like a fight scene from one of those cheesy old Japanese monster movies: a clash between two improbable - and pretty unconvincing - giant monsters.


“But I like backwards ABBA.”

It’s obviously the way forward, as it were. What with the animated hair and bejewelled judo pyjamas.

Spiny Norman

Can we get those journalism warning labels with:

Warning: includes content written by George Monbiot, or

Warning: includes content written by Paul Krugman?


Are Encyclopedia Dramatica links not allowed? Anyway, FYI, there is a Keith Boadwee article there.

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