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September 24, 2010



Thanks for the asteroid discovery video. I'll sleep *much* better tonight.

John D

Love the Alma Allen sculptures. Glad you're back, btw.

Peter Risdon

Welcome back, and thanks for the link.


"The grilled cheese underground"

But can he do bacon?


Well praise be to Prometheus, you're back. Between you and Harry Hutton holing out on me it's like a desert out here in the internets as far as I can see...which I suppose ain't that far...

Do you suppose there's any connection between that first question in the Hadron Collider link and the price of weed? And what's with the price of weed, anyway? Long time ago, but I vaguely seems to recall $25/oz...now up to $350? With inflation at only about 180% for the time difference, while we've had all of these improvements in weed technology? I mean, in 1980 working for $3.50/hr you could score an ounce for a day's "work" (excluding taxes of course). Now your average slacker has to bust his $7.50/hr hump plus overtime for over a freakin' week. That's just not right. Political opportunity for somebody.

Me thinks some much bigger lawyer fees are built into today's prices. Curious if anyone closer to the market could enlighten me. Just an economic curiosity, you understand.


Welcome back! Hope the move went smoothly.



“I’ll sleep *much* better tonight.”

Well, I suppose it’s better to know where (some of) these things are. And the high definition version is pleasing to the eye.


“But can he do bacon?”

Bacon toasties on demand... ‘Tis the stuff of dreams.


“Hope the move went smoothly.”

All things considered, I suppose it did. Though I reserve the right to grumble about it for months to come.

Simen Thoresen

Total win, from grumpy owls to a happy owl to buggy astroturfers. I wonder if mr Eugene Winkler knows that he is getting googled right as I write this?



Outstanding! You're back. Hope the move went smoothly too and the new lair has been swept for listening devices and such. I missed my Ephemera Phix on Fridays.

And I have the most compelling urge to fix myself a sammitch...

carbon based lifeform

Good fog.


Hope you're enjoying the the new place.

Liquid nitrogen link is broken.

Xerxes Bihandle

Good to see you back!

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