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October 08, 2010



INCEPTION Trailer - 50's Version!



From the same site as the cement earrings: "2, or 3-finger wood rings"... http://www.metsadesign.com/collection/woodring.html
I'm old enough to remember when the metal "4-ring" version was called brass knuckles.


"And remember, it's better to have damp underpants than no underpants at all!"

I'm not sure about that.


"Attention male students. You will undergo a "cognitive and emotional intervention," whether you want to or not."

That's incredible. So 'liberal guilt' is now *compulsory* if you're a male student?



“So ‘liberal guilt’ is now *compulsory* if you’re a male student?”

In effect, yes. Students were deliberately – and dishonestly - led to believe that they had no choice but to attend, with repeated and emphatic emails from the Dean of Students to that effect. Male freshmen were told to bring their ID cards, thus implying attendance would be recorded and that non-attendance would be punished. Once it became known that attendance wasn’t actually being recorded, there was a “mass exodus” of students from the “intervention.”


The “intervention” follows what has rapidly become the standard template. (See, for example, the delusional Shakti Butler or the malicious harridan, Jane Elliott.) First year male students are told they are implicitly responsible for a supposed campus “rape culture,” that they must submit to a “cognitive and emotional intervention” and be “provoked by their emotions” regardless of their own actual behaviour – by virtue of simply being male – and that they must “confront” the alleged causes of that “rape culture” (as defined by Keith Edwards) in order not to be “perceived as potential rapists.”

The arrogance of the organisers is, as usual, staggering. And it’s difficult to see their motives as anything other than sadistic.


"And remember, it's better to have damp underpants than no underpants at all!"

Been a while since I used that excuse. Decades in fact.


I'm glad I don't believe in hell, because my first thought upon seeing the conjoined twins was Zaphod Beeblebrox.


"It's a pasta, it's a whistle"

Which reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit, "It's a floor wax, it's a dessert topping. Tastes great, and look at that shine" which I cannot seem to find anywhere on YouTube.

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