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October 15, 2010



Thanks for the 'panhandlers' article. Heather MacDonald is always a good read.

"I ask the group on the blanket: Why should people give you money? "They got a dollar and I don't," Cory replies. Why don't you work? "We do work," retorts Eeyore. "I carry around this heavy backpack. We wake up at 7 AM and work all day. It's hard work." She's referring to begging and drinking. She adds judiciously: "Okay, my liver hates me, but I like the idea of street performance."


Maybe Eeyore imagines that framing her hustle as “street performance” is somehow endearing. The lack of self-awareness is almost – almost - touching.

carbon based lifeform

"A visual timeline of the boombox."

Eighties flashback... I used to own #7. Twin tape decks!


From the panhandling article, it seems that self awareness is at least not totally dead in the States:

'Some are runaways; some are college dropouts; others are years older. Eeyore says she got kicked out of her Riverside, California, home at 14 because she was “a punk and an asshole.”..'

Andrea Harris

"Florida from above"

Ah. Memories. I'm still amazed I managed to last so long there without going insane. Hey, shut up you in the back.

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