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Saturn’s rings. // Pearl necklace. Fits gentlemen too. // The phantom penis. // Frames of Reference, 1960. // In need of a good merkin. (h/t, Mr Eugenides) // Make your own sundial. // Marshmallows, microwaves and the speed of light. // Banana slip-ons. // The bionic handling assistant. Supervillains take note. // Shoal. // Collapsible capsule speakers. // A museum of reel-to-reel recording. (h/t, Coudal) // 74,000 seven inch singles. (h/t, Things) // Whisky barrel flooring. // Enhance your snowball flinging. // Fitness equipment of yore. // Praying mantis hygiene. // The world of marijuana. // “We’re going to have to live with less.”


Nate Whilk

I saw "Frames of Reference" many years ago in HS physics class. "A Magnet Laboratory" is also worth a look. As an added bonus, the lab gets a phone call near the middle of the film!

carbon based lifeform

"3 houses in Malibu… a 100 acre ranch… a helicopter, a yacht, 3 Harleys… a fleet of submarines…"

James Cameron. King of the hypocrites.


Oh! Bacon-merkin. What a combination of agreeable things.

And here I've been thinking that 'merkins are the far-western cousins of the British....



Good selection again, David.

Still - the live-crab dispenser in Nanking was missing;



While dashing about town I’ve often thought, “What I could do with – and do with right this minute – is a live crab.”


People eat raw crab? LIVE raw crab? I'll pass on that.

Love the Cameron video btw.

Jim Whyte

Twenty years after "Frames of Reference" you'd still see Ivey and Hume in the McLennan Laboratories, often together, and they'd hardly changed. Ivey's pipe was still apparently lit from 1960. And of course all the undergrads knew them from seeing their movies in high school.

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