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If I buy one and you buy one, we could race them all day. (h/t, Peter Horne) // Sadly, I don’t yet have my own wine tasting cave. // A beginner’s guide to warp drive. // The three pound gummy worm. // Heart jellies. // Tentacle pie. // Transplanted hands. // Time travel, obviously. (h/t, TDK) // Extremity. // Staircases of note. // Female character flowchart. (h/t, Mr Eugenides) // Jimmy Olsen in a jam. // Irregular gears. // Tubeless toilet paper. // Swooning kittens. (h/t, Adam) // Hazardous but fun. // “He wanted a yin and yang symbol with some dragons, but was instead shocked to discover the 16-inch tattoo was of a penis.”



So it the gears guy being considered for a Turner Prize? No pun intended (no, really). Far more thought provoking than an unmade bed.


Those kittens are cute as anything. But are we sure no-one's just out of shot, zapping them with an invisible Taser?

carbon based lifeform

"Jimmy Olsen in a jam."

What the--? No really. What the f--?


“What the--?”

It’s a thing of wonder isn’t it? I’m assuming Superman is cooking up a hearty mescaline broth. Hence the jaunty hat.


The heads up for the Time traveller story should really go to Coyoyeblog


So how come the pies thrown at bees didn't qualify?

I'm slightly disappointed. Of course, the post already had the required pie-item...

I'll have to find something bacon-rageous for next time.



Here's one.


And as of a couple of days ago, the black-and-white kitten in the video died from his syndrome-related health problems. Here's hoping things go better for his tabby sibling.

David, thanks for the Fiberglass Freaks link! (Full disclosure: FF is my husband's company. And our cars *are* a lot of fun. :))


The gears were fascinating... I got square eyes.


Please do not laugh at “Mr” Ed Miliband…


The original Mr Ed wasn't funny, and this one is less so. So am not laughing.

Peter MacFarlane

Tubeless toilet paper!

Play-schools throughout the land have been dreading this news.

What next, no used egg cartons?

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