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An Instrument of Choice



Is there a Teen Paranormal Bromance subsection?


Near the section for Sullen Werewolf Shirtlessness, I believe.


Gotta hand it to that store, it knows its audience...

Ted S., Catskills, NY

I wonder what qualifies as para-abnormal.


There should also be a 'Pre-Teen Corpse Literature' section. Looking for a birthday present for my young niece the other day I was appalled. It was all graveyards, zombies, death, terror, and eyeballs. Whatever happened to building campfires and foiling burglars? Harrrumph!

Hannibal Lecter

Books for Cooks in Notting Hill is displaying a book called Zombie Cupcakes by one Zilly Rosen - one perhaps for all the leatherface hillbillies lurking there.


If only someone would slip in a copy of The Strain with the Emopire romances.


It's a sign of the End Times...

Martin Adamson

Waterstone's has a section called Painful Lives for fans of maudlin Angela's Ashes-type mithering.

Mr Eugenides

And I'll bet you this is the most profitable aisle in the entire bookstore.

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