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Friday Ephemera

Flushtracker. Where it goes. // Foiled. // The Wobbulator. Old school electron bending. // At last, a machine for making smoke-rings. // Mugshot of note. // Misplaced hair. // It’s an earpiece, it’s a camcorder. // A touchscreen made of ice. // Lightning slowed down 300 times. // Aircraft propellers + passenger’s phone camera = illusion. (h/t, Brian) // Pinheads. // Alligators versus cat. (h/t, Brian) // Cats versus rat. // Cat teepee. // Tchaikovsky’s voice (1890). // Human tissue engineering. // Bacon explosion. // Dennis Dutton on beauty and evolution. // Green dreams of dominion. // Metropolis II. // Meanwhile, in local news



So cats, rats and alligators is like rock, paper, scissors...?


I watched that first cat vid thinking 'Oh, this'll end in tears...'

Sgt Pinback

Was the rat, the cat or the alligator responsible for Carlos Sosa's head?


FYI, Chris Burden is a performance artist whose works include being shot in the arm and getting crucified to a Volkswagen:

Draw what conclusions you will.


I spent 10 whole minutes on flush tracker. That just seems wrong somehow.


“I spent 10 whole minutes on flush tracker. That just seems wrong somehow.”

It is. More than 15 and technically it counts as stalking.

carbon based lifeform

Here's one.
100 Best Movie Spaceships.


The Looxcie device reminds me of a science fiction story I read about 50 years ago, which included a feature in it's society where nearly everyone wore googles that recorded everything they saw, and transmitted this video to a central store in their house that could not be erased by officialdom. As a result, the old people who sat on their porches watching the world go by had been turned into the largest collection of surveillance cameras ever invented. And the crime rate went down a lot.

I wonder what a policeman would do if he stopped someone wearing one of these, and was informed that all of his actions were being transmitted, in real time, and in a way that he could not control, to a secure location, and if he did anything to interfere, those actions would also be recorded. This might be the way to control some police misbehaviour. I remember an encounter I once had with a traffic cop that I would have liked to have on tape....

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