The Warm Glow of Socialism

Friday Ephemera

Kim Jong-Il looking at things. Includes Kim Jong-Il looks at wall and Kim Jong-Il peers through hatch. // The lifecycle of bureaucracy. // Kubrick’s ‘elevator-of-blood’ redone with CG. // Inception heist in real time. // Quote of note. // How crayons are made. // “Wisconsin man builds own planetarium.” // Building a terrarium. // Build your own Egg-Bot. // Edible gingerbread playhouse. // Yes, those Jews control everything, even sharks. // It’s a spoon, it’s a fork, it’s a metric wrench. // Mining sulphur. // There are bodies on Mount Everest. (h/t, MeFi) // Hundreds of Mad magazine covers. // They grow up so fast. // Paths of Flight.



'Lifecycle of bureaucracy'... brilliant. That should be in school textbooks.


Kim Jong-Il looks at sky.

Kim Jong-Il looks at radish.

Okay, now I'm hooked.


Kim Jong-Il looks at corn...

Simen Thoresen




Looking at the guys next to Kim Jong-Ils whiles he looks at things, I'm wondering what is with the hats in the KPA? The crowns on those thing seem abnormally large.

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