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When sci-fi collides with sci-fi. // Source that movie quote in seconds. // Rock versus sunshine. // Spanish woman claims ownership of the Sun. (h/t, TDK) // Why Spider-Man 3 is a terrible, terrible film. // Trek enthusiast builds own LCARS interface. // NASA transcripts. // The radio broadcasts of H.G. Wells. // A brief history of mathematics. // A brief history of Bond cars. // Tree-hopping bugs of note. // North Korea in pictures. (h/t, MeFi) // Turn of the century organ grinders. (h/t, Coudal) // “It is a white amorphous object whose intention is to provide the owner with an atmosphere of presence to counteract feelings of loneliness.”


Col. Milquetoast

"It is a white amorphous object..."

I didn't watch all of the video but I assume after the guy had sex with it, it put its chef's hat on and went back to the Pillsbury factory.

Simen Thoresen

Opportunistic modeling using scraped public data;

While not visually 'wow', this illustrates the potential of the technology of today in a striking fashion. To do amazing things, you need much computing power and much data. Desktop-computers now have much computing power, and services like Flickr hold much data.

In anyone would be interested in playing around with this type of technology, Microsoft has published and maintains Photosynth - an application to do this kind of thing on the desktop - unfortunately only using locally held photos.


carbon based lifeform

"It is a white amorphous object..."

Is it self-cleaning?


David, you didn't include Megashark Versus Crocosaurus...



"Megashark Versus Crocosaurus."



“Megashark Versus Crocosaurus.”

Oh my. Is that Robert Picardo? I see the Star Trek: Voyager money has run out, then.

Col. Milquetoast

"Rock versus sunshine"

This is the facility, no?

It looks like Doctor Doom's French vacation cottage.

I think forced, witless, and repetitive enthusiasm is no replacement for an enthusiasm rooted in an actual interest in the subject matter. I've watched it a second time and I still find him unbearably annoying.

Notice he says "Can I set light to something" and then pulls out a board that already has a burn mark on it. And contrary to the video title the rock was smoking but I didn't see it melting. "That's far more amazing than melting steel, like, I see steel melt every other day" I desperately wished the Frenchie would spray him in the face with the water bottle and point out to him that in order to get steel someone first had to melt rocks.


Mixing posts, but in regard to the History of Mathematics vs. Above Them Only Sky, am I the only one disturbed that Billy Bragg's Wikipedia entry is about twice the size of Joseph Fourier's? I mean, yes, I know I'm being unfair here. And pretentious. And silly. And ridiculous. It's me, understood. Sigh...answered my own question again...

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