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January 21, 2011



I'm glad you liked my Sherlock Holmes compendium, David. When I gave up on the political blogosphere because of the rush to the lowest common denominator perpetrated by the elimination of any barriers to entry thereto, I decided that I might make good use of the resource by collecting together and publishing archives of various materials that I studied because I found them interesting or enjoyable, in case they may prove useful or enjoyable or entertaining to others.

As a result, there is now on the order of a thousand hours of quality viewing material at the Sagacious Iconoclast, including The Goon Show, Yes Prime Minister, Two Fat Ladies, Charlie Chan, Mr. Wong, & Mr. Moto, Perry Mason, James Burke's documentaries, the old SDA Late Nite Radio archives (of course), and a collection of hundreds of pulp fiction stories. Many of my friends have found the result useful; I sincerely hope that you and your readers do too.



Just discovered the archive of Two Fat Ladies recipes.


Soused herrings, jugged kippers, strawberry breasts…

Heady days.


"Do not make cucumber."

They look more like pickles. The mystery deepens...


"Soused herrings, jugged kippers, strawberry breasts…"

TFL was brilliant. Never tried their recipes but it always was fun to watch.



“Never tried their recipes but it always was fun to watch.”

Yes, somewhere between grotesque and oddly charming. I think it was the sight of doughy hands with scarlet nail polish groping unlikely foodstuffs. One minute they were merrily gutting fish, the next they’d be fondling cheesy fruit breasts coloured with Campari.

“You can have any size nipple…”

Brad Fallon

The Goon Show was surely a hit. I love the characters of Eccles and Bluebottle. A classic show that made our stomach burst with laughter.


So extrapolating from what is obvious by its absence in the safety posters, I presume that it was some sort of gum-up in the arts department that ultimately resulted in the Chernobyl disaster.


Last night I forgot to mention two things: (a) there are twenty-five episodes of The Avengers at The Sagacious Iconoclast, and (b) should anyone find any episodes or versions of any of my archive topics that I've missed, please sent them to me via email to the address shown at the bottom of the main page there. That said, further to your delectation, today I added a new Rowley Birkin, QC page ;-)


Enjoyed the Jurassic Park themes ... reminds me of how much influence John Williams had on movie scoring starting with Star Wars in 1977. No one put "classical music"-style scores on sci-fi movies at the time. (even Jerry Goldsmith's music for 1968's Planet of the Apes was more dramatic punctuation than music score) Would the original SW be the same without Williams' themes?

phantom menace

"The Rage: Carrie 2 is not, it seems, a classic."

Trust me, it's not.

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