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January 25, 2011



"This is no doubt because “our feet connect with our brains” and “engage with time.”"

Thanks for the reposting Antony Gormley and his 'curious toes'. ;D

Jonathan Apps

I don't like to post smarmy comments on blogs in general, but this blog rules, pure and simple. Keep it up.

Nate Whilk

Re the art: have you ever heard "Saturday Night Fry", the short BBC radio series that Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and other did? On one episode they did a send-up of modern art. An excerpt:

Hugh Laurie: (on location) We're in front of some cutlery here entitled simply, "International Place Setting with Extra Butter Knife."
Hugh Laurie: Thank you. I also couldn't help noticing that each of the edges of the knives has printed on it "Firth and Sons, Sheffield, stainless steel, dishwasher-proof".

Medusa Stoppit [artist]: That's right. In a very real sense they were the makers of the instruments.

Hugh Laurie: I see. You commissioned the canteen of cutlery from them to your own design.

Medusa Stoppit: Well, I bought the set from Peter Jones, actually.

Hugh Laurie: Peter Jones the department store in Sloane Square?

Medusa Stoppit: No, Peter Jones the actor and "Just A Minute" star. Yes, of course, the department store.

Hugh Laurie: But I thought you were responsible for the actual manufacture and design.

Medusa Stoppit: I'm an ARTIST! It would take years to learn the skills involved in cutling. I haven't got the time between private viewings and press interviews to start acquiring vulgar skills. That's for ARTISANS. I BOUGHT the cutlery. Surely that's enough. If YOU had selected it it would've remained cutlery! As it is, I bought it and it's become, as you can see, something remorselessly OTHER!


Let's hope Gormley actually practises what he wibbles, he'll lose his toes in no time. A timely reality check for a credulous warmist.


So the barefoot fellow and the Vibram FiveFingers link did put me in mind of a study I glanced over in the "most important discoveries of the year" issue of science: Apparently humans run better while barefoot, at least in terms of overall body performance. Not so much on the "stepping on random stuff in the middle of a stride and bouncing around howling like a wounded animal" front, though.

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