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February 08, 2011



"And thank you."

It's a pleasure, David. Four more years!


Ps. small donation on its way.


incisive, muscular, game-changing ridicule

So that's why I keep coming here. ;)

Happy birthday, David's blog.


Proj on!


As Dan Collins says, it's your 'delicious, heteronormative enunciation' (and the weird shit on Fridays).

Thanks for keeping me entertained.

Silver Whistle

And you look smashing in a tux. Jolly well done.


That's a nice set of testimonials you've got there David.

Andy M

All the best David, great blog

Chris S.

Yes, yes. We all know you're a fantastic blogger and all round swell chap. Now get on with the hate mail. It's ever more juicy.

That said, yay to four great years!


you can meet the man who’s collected his own navel fluff since 1984

I sent that one to my kids. They love it.



Yes, it’s one of my favourites. That and the exploding banana mask.


You are a brilliant writer, I check your site nearly every day ... and yes, please print the hate mail ... !


That and the exploding banana mask.


David, I just posted something in the Laurie Penny thread. I think you'll like it.


David my boy, I'm glad someone reminded me of the exploding banana mask because on so many levels of bizarre it epitomises......well....bizarre I suppose...thank you...

All this verbal intellectual masturbation is all well and dandy mate but I gave you 50 quid to keep you in tea n stuff which, lets be honest, is infinitely preferable to 'good chap, well done'.....I suppose that could be considered an 'auto-testimonial'? Makes me feel good anyhow....

I would be grateful for more exploding banana mask analogues although personally I think that piece was a unique, accidental artistic discovery...

Ta fer the good work..


My link to your site lists it as "Terribly British."

Does that count?

Anyway, keep up the good work.

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