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February 11, 2011



The apologetic robber had previous convictions for armed robbery and forgery.


X-Men rebooted.

Kevin Bacon?

Kevin "Footloose" Bacon?!


“Kevin ‘Footloose’ Bacon?!”

Anything can happen in the world of Marvel Comics.

Simen Thoresen

Ah, the Lee Marvin -video was a perfect exposition on feminist rage.

Not sure about the rebooted X-Men - it seems a little like the 90210 Star-Trek movie from '09. Ohwell, I'll torrent it, of course...




Not sure what to make of it yet. I like the idea of the period setting – of events taking place at the time the comic first appeared, with missile crises, civil rights, the Space Race, etc. I even like the idea of Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw. But will January Jones be a suitably barbed and imperious Emma Frost?


It has the original 'Blackbird'! I'll forgive it almost anything for that...

sackcloth and ashes

As someone guaranteed to grumble at a 'Yanks win the war singlehanded' film, I'm pleased to see that the 'Captain America' trailer at least features some recogniseable British (or at any rate, non-US Western allies) servicemen.


Re Paris Catacombs, "The bones from other cemeteries soon followed. Some of France's greatest luminaries, including Rabelais and Robespierre, are believed to lie somewhere in the massive ossuary."

Robespierre, a luminary. Alas, my ignorance of modern European history...

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