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Friday Ephemera

Skeletons made of light. // “How large would they be in the sky?” // Storm on Saturn. // Ann Althouse has shrunk. // Neutrino observatory under Mount Kamioka, Japan. // Pilots, scripts and pitches - from BSG and Doctor Who to The West Wing. (h/t, MeFi) // A whole heap of John Wayne films. // Zombies, robots, aliens. // Portable death ray. // Grow Cannon. // There are things inside your belly button. // Nostrils. // Wristwatch of note. // Residence of note. // The uterus piñata. // The UK explained for readers overseas. Look, we’re complicated, okay? // The complete McBain. (h/t, MirandaM) // 22 manly uses for an Altoids tin.