Friday Ephemera



Mind the dog!
And the ramp!
And the bigger, twisty ramp...!

John D

That's a big hill.



It's an hour later and my sphincter is still tight.

John Holland

Jesus Christ on a bicycle ...

A little hairy for everyone. Unbelievable how close the spectators were standing to the course. One wrong move by a cyclist, and your whole day is ruined. I guess you have to be a fatalist to participate in any way.

And waiting for you at the end of your ride: a nice bowl of Quaker Oatmeal! (2nd prize: two bowls! ** rimshot ** Thanks, I'll be here all week. Try the oatmeal.)


Those blind ramps are scary!


Lotta fun till someone loses their teeth.


“A little hairy for everyone.”

With a little effort, it could be hairier. Maybe next year’s event could involve more stray dogs, a few hundred chickens and a runaway pram.

Or lions. Lions are always good.

John Holland

"Lions are always good."

Oh, yes please. Throw in a vicious gang of alpacas, and I'm on the next flight:



Did anyone else find himself tilting his head back, trying to look further down the road? Clearly I'm not cut out for this sort of thing.

Horace Dunn

The rider seems to be wearing a pin-striped suit. Now that's class.


I have to believe the entrants survey the course before taking their individual runs.

As someone mentioned above,several of the jump landings can't be seen from the uphill side.

The dog was just plain out-of-bounds, but I thought the pin-striped suit was a nice touch....die young, leave a good looking corpse.

Simen Thoresen

How come this is a race, when the riders are riding alone? I second the call for more dogs and possibly a dog or two, but certainly more suicidal bikers.

-S, on vacation


Yikes. Some of those ramp jumps were startling. (I am not showing this to my 8 y/o grandsons with the bmx bikes...nope, no, nada)

Ok, maybe it's just me, but I was distracted by the ubiquitous trash lining the streets, sidewalks and in the bushes next to the sidewalks. Ick. Dogs nothing, what if the bike had landed on an empty plastic bottle or wrapper?

Spiny Norman

"Did anyone else find himself tilting his head back, trying to look further down the road?"

Oh yes!

I used to race downhill mountain bikes, 20-odd years ago, on a solid-frame "boneshaker". Bombing down maintenance roads at California ski resorts was hairy enough, but that was absolutely insane.


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