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Friday Ephemera

The museum of snake charmer imagery. // Catch spiders with impunity. // Tarkovsky’s polaroids. // Cardboard Hasselblad. // At last, a beer holster. // Life-size horse puppet. // Historical maps. // How to hide your aircraft plant in wartime. (h/t, Dr Westerhaus) // Aerial photographs. (h/t, Peter Horne) // Secret garden. // Dads on vacation. // Juggling quadrocopters. // Mark Steyn on the politics of cowboy poetry recitals. Parts 1 and 2. (h/t, DB) // So how much extra tax would you volunteer to pay? // Cannabis Culture. (h/t, rjmadden) // Assorted LSD documentaries. “It dissolves in your mind as well as your mouth.” // Laughing owls.



Catch spiders with impunity.

I like that it comes with a plastic spider to practice with.


If only they made one for catching owls.


Cannabis Culture.

For a minute I thought it was real (as in documentary) footage. Does anyone know where it's from?



“For a minute I thought it was real (as in documentary) footage.”

I think that’s the fun of it. It’s a redubbed scene from Miloš Forman’s 1971 film Taking Off.

carbon based lifeform

For a minute I thought it was real (as in documentary) footage.

It's a meeting of the Guild of Evil.


I'll go with answer #2. I want it to be true.


"The Spider Catcher is approximately 65cm long which is enough to keep you at a comfortable distance..."

No. No, it's not nearly long enough. *shudder*


Ah, Tarkovsky... the pampered child of the Soviet socialist culture elite. ;-)


Talking about maps:

The Strange Maps blog


“It’s a meeting of the Guild of Evil.”

There are usually more guns at a Guild of Evil gathering.


Regarding drug use.

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