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April 15, 2011



First link (to the video) has been pulled. What'd it used to be?


That coffee bean story skipped over the civet segment:


Simen Thoresen

Actually, the video being pulled by the user is an accurate depiction of something that's not supposed to happen. Still not cool, though.



Link fixed. Try it now.


Shatner's doing Bohemian Rhapsody…?

The internet will explode.

squid vicious

What, Los Angeles isn't in the top 16 cities? We have celebrities here, dammit. You know, like Lindsay Lohan and Ozzy Osborne. They never made TV shows in f-ing Babylon, did they?

David Davis

You don't need to spend £45. Just get a glass jar or a tin can with one end mostly open, tip it and put in on its side with the open end slightly down. Sit it about thwo or three feet off the ground somewhere out of the reach of dogs, cats, children, blackbirds etc. Fill it with a little straw (not too much) and a broken spoon with some syrup in it, and just leave it. Put the spoon-head inside about two or three inches, and upright so it does not spill. You'll get bees all right.

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