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I’m Not Condoning Violence, But…

Friday Ephemera

This penguin likes being tickled. // Run, children, run, there’s a dinosaur on the loose. // Because all dogs love bacon-scented bubbles. // While ladies like bacon roses. // A museum of handbags and purses. (h/t, MeFi) // The miniature crossbow you’ve always wanted. // How animals become meat. // The human Spirograph. // Human Tetris. // A miniature orchestra and other little paper people. // The Post Office railway. (h/t, Rob Read) // “Social justice.” // Star Wars: The Musical, 1996. // The view from Everest. // The skies in Spain. // And because it’s Friday… Goats being herded by monkeys riding dogs. It’s a thing, apparently.



The slaughterhouse video was amazing. As one commenter points out "... the first time i've watched slaughterhouse footage that didn't have an aggressive agenda."

carbon based lifeform

Goats being herded by monkeys riding dogs.

If only we could get this lot together with the tickle-me penguin. That'd be a real show.

Simen Thoresen

The miniature crossbow is cool - modern materials and solid physics. Now you can have something on your key-chain with which to puncture car-tires without touching them...

Social justice. It seems everyone who strives for things like justice or equality tends to mean the opposite of what usually is expected from the term.

Still, great Friday. As always ,-)




“Social justice.”

Well, it’s strange how rarely the term is contested. Again, the language has simply been annexed, and with it a bundle of assumptions. [Added:] The website for Roehampton University’s philosophy department – home of the comical Dr Nina Power – asks: “How can we achieve social justice?” Again, the question is implicitly begged and loaded with hints of “activism.” A more philosophical approach – as opposed to an ideological one – might ask, “What is social justice?” Or, “Is the term ‘social justice’ inherently tendentious and question-begging?”


“If only we could get this lot together with the tickle-me penguin.”

When I first stumbled across the clip I misread the caption. For a second I thought it said “Goats being herded by donkeys riding dogs.” Of course that would be bizarre.


This penguin likes being tickled.

Made my morning.


I watched most of the monkeys riding dogs herding goats clip and was deeply unimpressed. There is no way that those monkeys could have gotten the goats to go through even a single gate, never mind into the pen. And as for splitting one off from the pack, well, you'd be there till Christmas.


The rock at the summit of Everest is limestone laid down at the bottom of a shallow tropical sea 400 million years ago. It contains coral and conondont fossils.

Long way from home. So is Cookie the Penguin for that matter.

Don't know if the limestone likes being tickled.


sweet post... thanks for the link.

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