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April 23, 2011


Peter Risdon

"... you Zionist parasite scumbags"


Attacking Jewish-owned business is so 1930s.


Left wing altruism: 'Do as we say and no-one gets hurt.'

David Gillies

This is the dominant trope of Leftism, it seems. For 'Bidisha', Laurie Penny, Maddy Bunting, and so on (the whole dismal cast scarcely needs a roll call): an ASSERTION takes on the intellectual heft of an ARGUMENT. Simply to state a viewpoint with sufficient vociferousness is to validate it. Note also the ever-present handmaiden of such an unexamined ukase - that disagreement is not merely a difference of opinion but evidence of bad faith. Question-begging allied with lazy, unearned moral superiority is a toxic and deeply unedifying combination.


opening this Tesco store would pose a threat to public safety.

The nerve of this statement is astounding.


“The nerve of this statement is astounding.”

Oddly enough, the word that comes to mind is chutzpah.

Andy M

The Guardian this morning blames the riot on 'heavy handed tactics' by the police:




From a commenter on Anna Raccoon's thread on this: "Economics does govern where people shop – you should see the pensioners gathered around the aisles in my two shops when food on its last sell-by date is being marked down. Only large suppliers, like Tesco and Sainsbury’s do that, and they squeeze out the independents."

So Sainsbury and Tesco are providing cheap affordable food for ‘the poor’? Why, the utter bastards! No wonder these brave warriors are intent on burning them down...


After the transvaluation of all values, the new values may seem strange to those who follow the antiquated ways (one example: in 1950 obscenity actually applied not to violence, but to public sexual acts; for example, gay pride parades--terrible, I say, terrible, those old ways). Your complaining about Allen is like Julius the Apostate attempting to reverse the transition of the Roman world from Roman values to Christian values. Allen is, and has been, the wave of the future since, as Peter correctly pointed out, at least the 1930s. Vile bourgeois values will be replaced by the new Socialist, values: even now children can barely imagine why anyone would prefer widespread distribution of goods in shops owned by Jews to the need for purity in the name of Gaia.

David Gillies

In recent years I have found it remarkably difficult, during my infrequent visits there, to support myself in the UK on much less than a hundred pounds a day. Essentially the only organisation that separates me from complete inanition is Tesco. Long may it prosper.


I scarcely need to point out that Laurie Penny is very excited and shouting, “Wake the fuck up, Britain.”

Apparently, “squatted communities” are “facing persecution by local authorities.” Luckily, “what happened in Stokes Croft has stirred up Britain’s growing anti-cuts and anarchist movements, with supporters travelling from across the country to Bristol today. It looks like it’s going to be a long, hot summer.”

So there’s that to look forward to.


opening this Tesco store would pose a threat to public safety. Our community is well known for having people who, if they are silenced, will act in a way that will ensure they will be heard.

They're making the council an offer it can't refuse.

Karen M

Eventually the 'radical' left is just going to merge into one giant tantrum.

Peter Risdon

Karen M - see Blair's Law:


"the ongoing process by which the world's multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force."


David Gillies,

“…an assertion takes on the intellectual heft of an argument.”

Yes, it’s a strange phenomenon. I suppose that’s why we see squatters and opportunist rioters chanting, “Whose street? Our street!” (Phrased more honestly, the chant should really go: “Your stuff is now my stuff, to do with as I will.” Though perhaps that’s not so catchy and a little too revealing.)

It helps if you picture Papa Lazarou from The League of Gentlemen:

It’s my street now.

Jeanne Patterson

"This is what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like. This is what democracy....."


Tweak that comment a little, as if it were spoken by a taxpayer:

Our objections clearly outlined how THIS UNIVERSITY (OR DWP OFFICE) would pose a threat to public safety. Our community is well known for having people who, if they are TAXED BEYOND REASON, will act in a way that will ensure they will be heard.

Spoiled "uni students" and trustafarians should have their public subsidy eliminated. they obviously have too little knowledge of how a democracy works.



“Eventually the’'radical’ left is just going to merge into one giant tantrum.”

Well, it’s a standard dynamic for our passive-aggressive age. The rules are fairly simple.

First, claim that whatever it is you disapprove of somehow constitutes violence, hatred or oppression. (Happily, these terms can now be used to describe anything from the defence of private property and basic economics to the building of a supermarket, the renovation of an art gallery and the stating of facts.) Be sure to leave the particulars of this ‘violence’ either vague and tendentious or entirely unexplained. Then - in the name of retaliation - set about inflicting some actual violence on whatever – or whoever - displeases you.

Wherever possible, redefine words. (For instance, when destroying someone’s property and asserting your dominion over passers-by, it’s best to chant, “This is what democracy looks like!”) Always refer to your own actions as being principled and in response to some greater, systemic evil. Onlookers may not notice that those principles are selective and entirely non-reciprocal. Any inconvenient questions can always be drowned out with pious chanting and an air of physical intimidation. If all else fails, assume the role of victim in your own cosmic drama. There’s always someone who’ll buy it.

And remember, kids: Violence in the name of caring is not only thrilling, it’s sure to flatter that nasty little ego you pretend you don’t have.


The left always threatens violence (which it it inevitably goes ahead with), while the media worries about the right having violent thoughts (which inevitably don't manifest).

And as for “Whose street? Our street!” how many of the scum have actually paid -- or worked -- for any of it?


Should it be pointed out that this is pretty much the same reasoning used by Muslim groups?

If you and I disagree, I'll get all riled up, and then you'll be sorry!!!

carbon based lifeform

As an act of solidarity with the oppressed I went to my local Tesco and bought beer.


“…opening this Tesco store would pose a threat to public safety.”

“The nerve of this statement is astounding.”

The most charitable reading I can think of is that Ms Allen isn’t willing to condone violence against people – at least not in public - but violence against property – other people’s property - is just fine and tickety-boo. (Incidentally, it’s perhaps worth noting that the “squatting communities” that Laurie Penny coos over also tend to have a non-reciprocal view of property rights, which, rather conveniently, only apply to them.)

Presumably, Ms Allen is quite happy to see Tesco stores being wrecked and set on fire by wasters, parasites and pretentious little thugs. And presumably she’s okay with police vehicles being trashed and fires being started randomly around the general area. (Things being set on fire near where you live is a good thing, yes?) And then there’s the other vandalised property that just happened to be nearby – say, the small café and charity shop, the windows of which were smashed by righteous young things Giving It To The Man. And what about local residents who found themselves practically under siege, listening to other people’s windows being smashed and other people’s belongings being set on fire? All to the sound of “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “This is what democracy looks like!”

These things, presumably, are an acceptable cost - provided Ms Allen and her colleagues get what they want.


Ah, CIF. So much stupidity, so little time...

Tesco opening that shop will apparently destroy thriving local businesses. But their existing branches that are apparently within 10 minutes walk haven't achieved that yet. And they "aren't really any cheaper", but will force their rivals to cut prices to compete.

Thugs trashing shop windows (including those of the small businesses they claim to be defending), throwing rocks and bottles at police and burning whatever they can lay their hands on is A-OK. Tea Partiers in the US attending rallies and causing no trouble whatsoever are clearly racist fascist evil scum.

A small, unrepresentative group should be allowed to prevent a company from opening a shop. But ignorant Daily Mail-reading racists shouldn't be allowed to prevent the opening of mosques or facilities for asylum seekers.

The money that Tesco contributes to the economy through tax can't pay for the (ill-defined) "damage" it does to the UK. But we'll still get a dig in there about how they structure their business to minimise their tax liability.

Tesco don't recognise unions; but how many workers in those beloved small businesses are union members?

Tesco have wasted taxpayers' money by being vandalised. But we must never blame the victim of crime for the actions of their attacker.

I think I know why lefties are so grumpy all the time; my head hurts just listing some of the mutually contradictory statements. It must give them a migraine trying to reconcile them.


"I scarcely need to point out that Laurie Penny is very excited and shouting, “Wake the fuck up, Britain.”"

Wake the fuck up, Britain. Throw off the shackles of the privately educated, upper middle class, sub-minimum wage paying scum oppressing you. Like this evil capitalist bitch:



"I was truly overwhelmed by the vast police presence and number of people. Feeling threatened in my own community is upsetting but the truth is people feel completely disempowered, and for some resorting to last night's actions seems the only way people will listen."

Incredible. Threats AND victimhood in one sentence. Why the hell does she think the police were there? Just to make her feel 'upset'? That's the great thing about lefties -they just can't believe THEY could ever be the bad guys.


tesco have never truely recognised unions. Take that from a shop worker


tesco have never truely recognised unions. Take that from a shop worker

Sure; I'll take your word for it. What does that have to do with whether thugs should be allowed to break the law, or even whether Tesco should be "allowed" to operate? If "recognizing" unions leads to higher prices or lesser levels of service, then as a consumer I am against it. If it leads to lower prices, or improved service, then I am for it - but then, I imagine so would Tesco be, and this discussion would be moot.

Rich Rostrom

What's amazing is how old and stale this rhetoric is.

To wit:

Surgeon: Have you got Mr Notlob's permission to be in there?
Squatter: We're squatters, baby.
Notlob: What are they doing in my stomach?
Surgeon: We don't know. Are they paying you any rent?
Notlob: Of course they're not paying me rent!
Squatter: You're not furnished, you fascist.

That was Monty Python in 1970.


Same-same, but different.



Opening this Tesco store would pose a threat to public safety

Not doing as we say would pose a threat to public safety.

Because we care.


“Because we care.”

Quite. Ms Allen even implies that she’s the one making sacrifices. Heroically, selflessly and for the greater good.

Hence the word “psychodrama.”


I heard this marxist loon on the BBC on Friday. She was given a fairly easy ride by the interviewer.

What the BBC and her cannot cover up is the fact that normal English people do not riot and use petrol bombs when a national grocer opens a shop. It just does not happen. Marxist, anti-semitic loons do, but not the general public.

Oh,and say it loud: the Left is on record, multiple times, as favouring making poor people pay more for food.


Not doing as we say would pose a threat to public safety

Funny how running up the deficit and wasting taxpayer's money is never a threat to public safety.


“Funny how running up the deficit and wasting taxpayers’ money is never a threat to public safety.”

For some on the left disdaining bourgeois values (or pretending to disdain them) is a badge of credibility. It makes a person righteous and edgy, not least because bourgeois values tend to restrain impulses to vandalise other people’s property. So we’re unlikely to see mobs of disgruntled taxpayers torching the offices of the Guardian, the Arts Council or the Labour Party, for instance. Nor are we likely to hear many threats to that effect.

And some edgy, caring, compassionate people may view that restraint as something to be exploited.

David Gillies

The recent vandalism of an 'installation' of Andres Serrano's Piss Christ might be a pointer towards the logical exit for such preening anomie. Notwithstanding that the 'artwork' in question was 1) a print of a photo 2) utterly meretricious and as a result 3) its destruction was on roughly the same level as burning a smock that said, "I shocked the bourgeoisie and all I got was this lousy t-shirt", it is instructive as to how the tolerance of direct action from the soi-disant oppressed (Moslem agitators, trust-fund Guardianista poltroons) seeps across the border. The phrase ,"no justice, no peace" can be swiftly inverted, and not to the advantage of juvenile poseurs and hot-head Mohammedans.


If us righties are as nasty, evil and violent as the left claims you think they'd be more careful about giving us room for violent protest...

Amy K

Strangely, Ms Allen shows little concern for other local residents who had no choice but to listen and who may have been “upset” by the fruits of her campaign.

"A witness, Nick Jones, a primary school teacher, said that groups from other parts of Bristol joined in. "It turned into a running battle up and down the street for two hours. Between 2.30am and 4.30am there were bottles thrown and rocks. I saw a police officer get hit in the face and go down – he was taken away in an ambulance. "People had weapons. They had saws and shields themselves. It turned from interesting to scary very quickly."


Best understatement ever from the Tesco chief exec:

"There has been a vigorous local debate about the future of this vibrant but economically deprived community."


Those areas are deprived of nothing! Nothing is taking anything from them, in fact there are VAST inflows from people being deprived of the their income.

The only thing they are deprived of is a self-responsibility and work-ethics.


David I'm shocked - it's Saturday and no Friday Ephemera yet :O ...

Hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's royal wedding by the way :) .



Been enjoying the good weather and nearby countryside. Normal service will be resumed next week.


DT is a part time member of Seal Team 6...

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