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May 13, 2011


Chris S.

I'm curious as to how quickly the zombie-proof house closes up.

Simen Thoresen

I'm curious as to how quickly the zombie-proof house closes up.

...and how to open it again once the zombies are gone and the diesel-generators have run dry...

Oh, and love the capella Watchtower. Very BSG ;-)



love the capella Watchtower.

Simen, but if you can hear the music you realise what that means...?

Simen Thoresen


Yup. But it's good to have that settled. Also, in my view, it improves on the ending ;-)



Sneaking communism into the classroom and calling it “enlightenment.”

The far left's messiah complex is alive and well.


“The far left’s messiah complex is alive and well.”

It’s alive, certainly.

And it does have a messianic air. As I said yesterday, the arrogance is staggering. It’s all rather emotional, delusional, and – most importantly – enormously self-flattering.

The first speaker, Sarah Knopp, wants to peddle the “enlightenment” of communism to the children in her care. When they believe as she does – and only as she does – then they’ll be “critical thinkers.” Then they’ll be “emancipated.” Just like her. The second speaker, Megan Behrent, merely intends to subvert the proprieties of the classroom in order to propagate her own communist politics at someone else’s expense. The preferences of parents, students and those who her pay her salary are to be circumvented in the name of “social justice.” Again, the students in her care will be “thinking for themselves” when they think and act “radically,” i.e., just like her.

Ted S., Catskills, NY

My grandfather went to school with MC Escher.

For him, the walk really was uphill both ways.


'Watchmen' + 'My Little Pony' = http://youtu.be/B1hETuP33r8


I like this part of Assange's confidentiality agreement:

“The information shall include the fact and content of this agreement…”

In other words, even admitting that there is a confidentiality agreement is a violation of the confidentiality agreement.

John D

All Along the Watchtower.


Simen Thoresen


Thank you. It seems there is another cartoon-show that may bear watching...


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