High Drama
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Friday Ephemera

Newt Gingrich is happy. // X-Muppets. // X-Men. // War dogs. (h/t, Ka-ching!) // Darren’s Great Big Camera. // Glass, heat, chandelier. // Context is for weaklings. // The owl and the pussycat. // The evolution of the space suit. // Pleasing pastries. // Water bears in space. // China’s watermelons are exploding. // The invisibility serum is coming along nicely. // Have you met my bionic hand? // Universal Horror. // Your host has been known to enjoy a glass of this. // The art of dirty cars. // Assorted hotel door hangers. // “My God, Area 51 is unsecured.” // Lovely pollen. // Sudanese cattle farmers. (h/t, MeFi) // Roslin and Adama.