Three Steps

Friday Ephemera

100,000 toothpicks and 35 years. // An egg pinhole camera. // The complete Elizabeth R, 1971 (h/t, The Thin Man) // A Harlem storefront, 1977-2004. (h/t, Coudal) // A raft of ants. Pray they don’t master fire. // Plants of note. // Snow frogs. // Made with staples. // The making of an hourglass. // Envy versus merit. // The cars of Ralph Lauren. // Computational architecture. (h/t, Arthur Schwartzel) // The monkey tail beard. // The dinosaur room. // “There is a space-time vortex around the Earth.” // If the Earth had rings. // Photographed using kites. // How to stop cats pissing on your car. A project for the weekend. (h/t, MeFi)