Friday Ephemera
High Drama

Reheated (18)

For newcomers, three more items from the archives.

New Crisis Detected.

George Monbiot is caught typing with one hand.

Yes, there are spare rooms in some private houses - space that, according to Mr Monbiot, people just don’t need. And which, therefore, they shouldn’t be allowed to have.

How Not to Make the Case for Public Subsidy.

Art students fight against “government-sponsored realism.” Adam Harper is thrilled.

Now the image of art students armed with giant polystyrene shields is, I grant you, mildly amusing. As is the belief that mentioning Derrida adds gravitas to the cause. But “powerful symbolism”? “Countering force with thought”? Bask in that conceit. I’m sure taxpayers across the nation spotted these details and gasped at the staggering cleverness of it all.

Sparkly Bits.

Laurie Penny rails against the menace of pubic glitter.

Thank goodness for Laurie’s friends, to whom she turns, conveniently, whenever evidence is needed. No doubt they too are mere playthings of the all-powerful vajazzling conglomerates.

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