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The Arts, They Ennoble

Friday Ephemera

People disguised as robots in disguise. Watch the car. // Animals dressed as other animals. // Does your yacht transform into a plane? // The doll you’ve always dreamed of. // Desktop robots. // High wire walkers. // When the government has your house keys (and it’s for your own good). (h/t, TDK) // Artists and their bodily fluids. // Ian Fleming meets Raymond Chandler. // Famous objects from classic films. // Kitten plays invisible harp. // The Human League channelled through the Stella Starlight Trio. // Shoe sculptures. // Manhattan street views, 1982. (h/t, MeFi) // Bohemian Rhapsody played by Finns in a small VW car.



One for the list...

'Artificial meat' made from processed 'sewage mud' (human faeces).

The burgers are high in protein and low in fat and they taste "beef-ish".


“‘Artificial meat’ made from processed ‘sewage mud’ (human faeces).”

There’s a challenge for the marketing department.


Watch the car.

Best. Transformer costume. Ever.


"There’s a challenge for the marketing department."

They should seek out the people who've managed to make Brane's Faggots continue to appear in supermarket stock orders...


There’s a challenge for the marketing department.

Soylent Brown?


“Soylent Brown?”

See, now I have a mental image of a hysterical Charlton Heston being carried away on a stretcher, shouting “It’s made out of faeces!”

So, er, thanks for that.

carbon based lifeform

Art bollocks generator.

Peter Risdon

"... and it’s for your own good"

Oh yes. It's always for your own good.

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