Socialist Hearts Are Just Bigger Than Ours
All Pop Music Will Henceforth Be Terrible

Friday Ephemera

Life-sized Hot Wheels. // “I’m not a crazy person.” (h/t, The Thin Man) // Comet, fireworks, lightning. // Chile’s Puyehue volcano. // Release your inner giant scary child. // Puppies grow so fast. // Find a dog that suits your features. // How hovercraft should be. // Did you brush today? // Survive the apocalypse with Tactical Sammiches. // Little people. // Rollable digital screen. // Cinema etiquette. // Lions lick and sniff camera; then steal it. // Cuttlefish can mimic pictures. // There’s no such thing as a jellyfish. (h/t, Julia) // Translucent specimens. // Trapping antimatter for fifteen minutes. // Water doesn’t usually behave like this.