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So it's basically a litter tray for people...?


“So it’s basically a litter tray for people…?”

Well, yes. But it does come with a trash bag poncho.

Dignity at all times.


"So it's basically a litter tray for people...?

So don't forget to kick it all over the floor when finished...


"First you put your ecstasy tablets in the bag..."


“First you put your ecstasy tablets in the bag...”

Heh. That would explain the grinning chap crouching in the bin liner. It would make an ideal gift for boosted-up festival-goers, who often gather in places that come to resemble disaster zones.

It could also be deployed at barn dances, picnics and wedding receptions.

carbon based lifeform

So it's basically a litter tray for people…?

I thought it was some kind of pregnancy test.

John Holland

Based on the packaging illustrations, I conclude that there are only a half-dozen actual toilets in Japan, and millions of teary-eyed Japanese spend their days in queues holding their knees together while waiting their turn. But problem solved! Thanks to Human Ingenuity(TM)! (And a rubbish bin liner portable modesty panel.)


Commercial product or performance art? Who can tell with the Japanese.


Crouch in bin bag, hidden peepee.


“I thought it was some kind of pregnancy test.”

At number 26, a voice comes from the bathroom:
“Derek, do I have to wear the poncho?”
“Yes, dear. Best to be sure. It says so on the box.”

Mark G

I think I would find it less disturbing to see someone relieving themselves behind a dumpster than to witness someone squatting in an alley with their head sticking out the top of a trash bag.


"Crouch in bin bag, hidden peepee."

You win the thread.


It says "EXCELSIOR" on the packet. Are they messing with us?


Crouching trash bag, hidden peepee.

Alabama Fatbody

Haiku contest in 3...2...1...


Wag Bags have been available for some time now and are the same thing... but in a disposable bag.

Mike Ross

This video is about portable toilets to be used after an earthquake. The tables are used to reduce the amount of smell, spillage, and allow for storage. The assumption is that trash collection could take weeks/months to take place. Target is not just individuals, but for companies and building owners. Water maybe out for weeks, but work at the office may start when electricity is back on. They sell just the tablets as well.


This is a dirty hippies, music-fest god send!


The Shit Box looks more comfortable.


It says "EXCELSIOR" on the packet.

Is Stan Lee behind this?

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