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July 26, 2011



a matter of enormous, throbbing import

Stop that right now. ;D


'Progressive' condescension from the big O...

These "people outside of Washington" are not little children being lectured on an obscure subject by a worldly adult. These people outside Washington are ... citizens.



Hands up all those who looked at their fingers? I know I did.


"TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"
-- Robert A. Heinlein


Calling for diversity departments to be culled would be professional suicide and also personally dangerous; advocating culling true academic disciplines costs nothing at all if it isn't your department.

Diversity in everything except ideas.


the remarkable imperviousness of academic “diversity” programmes

Great way to screw the economy. Cut the engineering and computing courses (subjects actually worth studying and will get you a job) and spend twice that on teaching 'identity'.



“Great way to screw the economy.”

Well, quite. Though I doubt that peddlers of “diversity” are particularly interested in economic utility. Hence a university with 18 “diversity” staff. But as Heather Mac Donald says, why study subjects that are instructive, difficult and commercially useful when you can just contemplate yourself...? Or at least a cartoon version of it, as sketched by racially fixated leftwing ideologues. Suitably gorged on your own cartoon tribalism, you can then enable others to do the same (at public expense, obviously). Then even more people can be categorised, patronised and put in tidy boxes.

See also this:

“If you’re tempted to ask why students require administration backing in order to form a “community,” you don’t understand the co-dependent relationship between self-engrossed students and the adults whose careers consist of catering to that self-involvement. Students in today’s university regularly act out little psychodramas of oppression before an appreciative audience of deans and provosts. The essence of those psychodramas is to force the university to recognise a student’s narrowly defined “identity” through ever more elaborate bureaucratic mechanisms. Rather than laugh the student players off the stage, the deans, provosts, and sundry other administrators willingly participate in their drama, intently negotiating with them and conferring additional benefits wherever possible.”

The terms racket and pathology somehow spring to mind.

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