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July 22, 2011


Ted S., Catskills, NY

I can't help but think that list of science videos is incomplete without Mechanical Principles (1930):



Vaudeville ventriloquist dummy portraits.

Picture #1 is nightmare fuel.

Simen Thoresen

This Friday also calls for dancing squid;

You're sort-of welcome.



dancing squid

Also nightmare fuel... (!)



“…dancing squid.”

Hm. When the meal starts to leave the dish under its own power I think it’s time to skip straight to the dessert trolley.


You might want to put an NSFW warning on the (shudder) dancing squid (/shudder). Not that there's any nudity, other than of the squid variety of course, but because it caused me to scream like a little girl. Which can really draw the attention of your co-workers when you're a middle-aged man.

Three hours to lunch, definitely not having seafood.

sackcloth and ashes

'Vaudeville ventriloquist dummy portraits'.

I'm trying to remember when I last laughed at something that also freaked me out.

sackcloth and ashes

'dancing squid'

As someone who almost had an abrakebabra moment when watching one particular scene in 'Oldboy', I think I'll give this a miss.


The Spiderman reboot has only now come to your attention?

You need to remove "comic books" from your sub-header, mate.



“The Spiderman [sic] reboot has only now come to your attention? You need to remove ‘comic books’ from your sub-header, mate.”

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s that the trailer had only recently appeared online. Mate.

Karen M

“And what is your message, Mr Miliband?”



Here is a nice example of everyone's favourite identikit Leftoid Laurie Penny demonstrating once again that the lefties are the nice ones:


"Another reason to love Amy Whitehouse: not only did she make Back to Black, she apparently once spat at Pippa Middleton"

That's some pretty classy stuff right there...



I saw. But spitting on women is radical, innit?

I’m sure the Guardian, Independent and New Statesman are thrilled to have her aboard.


But spitting on women is radical, innit?

David, you just don't understand Laurie's post-modern feminism. It's okay to spit at women who are richer and prettier than she is.


svh - yes, it is all contingent on the class of who is the spitter and who is the spittee.

No doubt Miss Penny (completely without class) would be outraged to have been spit upon by Miss Middleton (classy gal).

However, it is right, just, and to be celebrated that Miss Winehouse (even less classy than Miss Penny) is alleged to have projected sputum upon Miss Middleton.


Fred & svh,

“…it is all contingent on the class of who is the spitter and who is the spittee.”

Yes, that one comment (and subsequent evasion) tells us much of what we need to know about Laurie Penny. It seems to capture the flavour of her radicalism rather well.

It implies Laurie’s pretentious class war tribalism, along with her signature non-reciprocal principles. Being amused by someone spitting on a woman she doesn’t know but presumably feels she ought to dislike is just the latest example. Laurie also believes that she and her peers are entitled to vandalise and “occupy” other people’s property - and to ”upset the police” – while squealing at the “brutality,” “oppression” and “injustice” of any hint of resistance or retaliation.

She seems to inhabit the moral universe of an overindulged child.


Been avoiding this, but re. Norway, don't the usual platitudes of the Left towards Islamic terror equally apply to last weekend's atrocity?

Isn't it the logical consequence of the political and social marginalisation of an ideological stream by the hegemonic discourse? Shouldn't we not be jumping to conclusions as a result of the acts of someone who has clearly perverted the core messages of both Christianity and Conservatism? Should we not be tarring whole marginalised communities with the same brush, none of whom except the perpetrator have committed any crime? Was there a failure of the Norwegian media and body politic to engage with the genuinely-felt concerns of this minority?

Etc etc etc...


"Truly, you have a dizzying intellect."

This is the finest piece of feminist scholarship ever!

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