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Apparently not everyone can do this. // Flatten 3D films with 2D glasses. // A guide to grade inflation, or goodbye bell curve. // Giant hands are guiding you. // Formidable rigs. (h/t, Fourth Checkraise) // A photographic history of Russia. (h/t, Mick) // Hydro-power projects. (h/t, Coudal) // Charles Moore on Scargill versus Thatcher. // New Wave time warp. // East Coast earthquake: shocking pictures. // A brief history of copyright law. // Shooting big climbs at Yosemite. // “When I throw something in the garbage, the Earth is warming.” (h/t Peter Horne) // And via the same… A dog, an open car window and an accelerator pedal.



My back hurts just watching the gymnast.


I now have second-hand vertigo from the Yosemite photos!


Flatten 3D films with 2D glasses.

I've never had any trouble with 3D glasses. Do people really find them that annoying?


“Do people really find them that annoying?”

Apparently some do. My only complaint is that the glasses are still quite chunky and after a while they irritate the bridge of my nose. I’ve noticed there tends to be a ‘sweet spot’ in the cinema where the 3D effect works best, though for people who have trouble with the glasses I don’t know whether sitting there makes the experience better or worse.


"When I throw something in the garbage, the Earth is warming."

Another gem:

"In honour of Earth Day I was chained to a tree. I won. They didn't chop down the tree. I found out later that they weren't going to chop down the tree anyway but I still feel really satisfied with that."

That's what I like about ecomentalists. They're so much smarter than the rest of us.

Ted S., Catskills, NY

Those earthquake photos would be funnier if there weren't a hurricane heading for us.

Last time we had a hurricane come close was Floyd in 1999, and I was stuck without electric for three days (I live in the middle of nowhere). I wanted to check how many trees were downed out back, so I get the dog's leash and went for a walk. About five minutes out we saw something run right across the trail. It was the right color for deer, but the wrong size and they weren't moving the wrong way. Wrong color for juvenile bears. So I peer in the woods... and see three coyotes.

I'm just glad the dog didn't see them.


Anna, I think that was satire. Though much like cynicism, it's hard to keep up.

Ted, I've got some bad news for you...I was just in the company cafeteria, the news was on and they said that the astronauts in the space station said that the hurricane looks "terrifying". Now if a couple of guys floating in a tin can, 250 miles above the earth, with nothing between them and certain death but a few sheets of metal, dodging space junk moving at various speeds not to mention the occasional meteor, whose only means of getting down from there is dependent on only one organization who happened to blow up their most recent supply ship just this week…if those guys are worried about you guys…you guys got some serious trouble ahead.


Apologies to Anna...Re satire and the Guardian...just read this comment in response to an article mocking Khadaffi's mermaid couch...

What? Im sorry excuse me but no!!!
How can anyone from this country even say such things as tasteless and awful you should see some of the junk that passes for art in this countries tasteless society.
I happen to think the rebels are behaving like a bunch of kids there are probably plenty of them that never got to join in the fighting so they are smashing things up and destroying peoples property in childish acts of rebellion.
The journalists on TV make me angry they think just because Megrahi is not at home they can just walk into his house and poke around because no-one will mind it is a sad commentary on Britain that we have so little respect for people and their property.
I have never understood this countries delight in seeing people humiliated and with the media should know better but after what happened with the news of the world it's hardly surprising.
It thought it was a persons human right to dignity but i guess such things are not given to dictators once they have been removed form power it is not enough that we topple them but we must belittle them and strip them of their dignity too.
Another shameful example of human behaviour that for some reason people find perfectly acceptable shame on us all!!!

Is this satire? I really can't tell myself anymore.

Ted S., Catskills, NY


Don't get me started on the TV talking heads' attempt to induce mass panic. The Weather Channel is particularly bad about this, when they're not spending half their time promoting their new anti-social networking site.

See what other people are saying about the hurricane! No -- I just want a bare-bones description of the forecast, preferably with mention of how much wind and rain can be expected inland.


Apparently not everyone can do this.

I'm doing it right now. Aren't the rest of you?

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