The Riots, Summarised
Causes, More Causes and the Politics of Trainers

Friday Ephemera

It’s a sign of the End Times. // Cat scans. // The remarkable head stability of the Brown Owl. // Beard-measuring T-shirt. // Roof garden apartment, London. // Fog in San Francisco. // World’s highest tennis court. // Drainpipe hotel. // Garbage trucks of yore. For the garbage truck enthusiast. // The internet movie cars database. (h/t, Coudal) // How to deal with vehicle thieves. // Abandoned remains of Russian space shuttle project. // Tetris in the round. (h/t, Anna) // Hiroshima panoramas, six months after the bomb. // Picture of note. // Rating the Bond films. Die, Moonraker, die. // And finally… Stopping looters, the American way.