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August 31, 2011



Brilliant. Is it the start of an invasion?


That, or an interplanetary littering campaign. Either way, watch the skies.


Do you have any idea just how much acid it took to see that?


I'd hate to see the droppings.


Somewhere in Sweden there's a 200 foot toddler looking for his rabbit.


Apparently it's made of concrete and metal. If it fell from the sky I don't think it would make a muffled thud. And there'd be a hell of a lot of screaming…


“And there’d be a hell of a lot of screaming…”

Well, yes. There is that.

But I prefer to imagine it’s made of less alarming materials. And so, having survived a gentle warming as it fell through the atmosphere, it landed with a loud, dull whoomph. Enough to rattle the crockery without blowing out the windows and filling the streets with debris and existential terror.

sackcloth and ashes

Caption competition:

'Zack Snyder was reportedly unhappy with the first story board's for 'Watchmen', particularly the climax'.

Col. Milquetoast

I can't tell due to the angles of the photos you've posted, but if it isn't anatomically correct then it isn't sufficiently transgressive. Even then it would probably need some naked interpretative dancers, atonal music and cheese. Still, it is a fun piece.

In a way I think it is a shame that it is only temporary. I think the modern world could use a few more monuments to bequeath to the future. Imagine the archaeologists in a 1000 years discussing the great monuments of past civilizations : the pyramids of Egypt, the Colossus of Rhodes, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and the Big Yellow Bunny of Sweden.


Love it.


The Fell-veteen Rabbit


I thought it was Pikachu?

Spiny Norman

I thought the name of the perpetrator... urr, artiste looked familiar:



Clearly derivative.

Now, had he created a huge Andy Warhol lying drunk in the street...

ellin kirk

thank you carlo,I freaking love this

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