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Your host is off in search of blogging mojo. By all means dull the pain by browsing the updated greatest hits

Its intrigues include a brief guide to leftist psychology, a vivid demonstration of pretentious guilt, and a glimpse at what happens when presumption and callousness become badges of feminist virtue. On a loftier note, the arts coverage may be of interest. And there’s plenty to entertain readers who find the comment pages of the Guardian inadvertently hilarious and morally bewildering.

Back in a few days.



Your host is off in search of blogging mojo.

Find it soon, DT. I need my regular fix.


Have a good break, and come back refreshed! ;)


in search of blogging mojo

don't forget to look behind the sofa


OK David, here is something that could bring back your inspiration (please, just brainstorming):

This is 60-something old news. But how is it possible in Orwell's case, to be completely aware of totalitarian perils, and still hold socialist beliefs. You may say that this is his own problem that he took into his grave. But I think that the whole Guardian and other British left-wing syndrome stems from his thought.

carbon based lifeform

He'll be back soon.

At the Guardian the stupid never sleeps -e.g. "the proper role of the state" is stopping people eating McDonald's because they can't make choices for themselves:

And I bet Laurie Penny can't go for more than a week without writing total bollocks.


While our host's away…

"Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme. It is much worse. Here are three reasons why: One, a Ponzi scheme collects money from new investors and uses it to pay previous investors —minus a fee. But Social Security collects money from new investors, uses some of it to pay previous investors, and spends the surplus on programs for politically favored groups —minus the cost of supporting a massive bureaucracy. Over the years, trillions of dollars have been spent on these groups and bureaucrats. Two, participation in Ponzi schemes is voluntary. Not so with Social Security. The government automatically withholds payroll taxes and "invests" them for you. Three: When a Ponzi scheme can't con new investors in sufficient numbers to pay the previous investors, it collapses. But when Social Security runs low on investors —also called poor working stiffs— it raises taxes."

Simen Thoresen

RjM - a local financial weekly - 'Kapital' had a lead-case about the largest Ponzi-scam in northern Europe - half a /billion/ Norwegian crowns (a little less than 100M EUR at the time of writing) were scammed off unfortunate/stupid investors. The Norwegian social security -service is a hundred-billion a year Norwegian crowns -operation.

I somehow don't think the welfare state counts...


Simen Thoresen

In these trying and mournful days of the absence of our host, I'll shoulder a little of the burden for the ephemera of today;
(Going to the store - a tale of the Everyman amidst us)
(The same tale as above, retold by NIN)
(The same NIN, re-telling classic Star Trek)
(and re Trek - with such a large corpus, different interpretations are possible)

I'd like to propose a minute of silence as well. Also, we'll need to somehow get the liquor-cabinet opened.



“…different interpretations are possible.”

Heh. The burdens of captaining Starfleet’s flagship have clearly taken their toll.


different interpretations are possible.



What! No Friday Ephemera?
Oh well, a richly deserved break. Might I suggest a refreshing beverage?

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