Remember, Kids. Socialism is the Opposite of Greed
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I Am Radically Repeating What I Was Told

Or, I Know, Let’s Put These People in Charge.

Via Kate, and further to this and this, more radical wisdom from the “occupiers,” or would-be nomenklatura. This time in Oakland, California, where ideas tend to get tangled and obligatory terms, such as “fair” and “justice,” are invariably self-serving yet curiously undefined. With the result that running a successful business is is a sign of “domination” and deemed “obscene,” but communism – all history to the contrary – isn’t.

Remember, these bright young things have been educated. And so greed is bad but covetousness is good and entirely unrelated. And the solution to cronyism is more cronyism, albeit with different beneficiaries and an even more bloated and coercive state. “Social justice” will somehow save us all, especially from ourselves, even though “social justice,” as conceived by their predecessors, led directly to this. Which helped create the very problem the protestors now complain about. But hey, they, unlike you, the filthy bourgeoisie, have “decent impulses.”

Meanwhile, via DB, a protestor at Occupy Bristol struggles, no doubt heroically, with the weight of her own privilege. And yours, obviously:

So, let me count the ways in which I am privileged. I am a white, western, cisgendered, healthy person. I pass as straight, and I have an education to university level. This makes me lucky. However, I am also working-class, unable to continue my studies above undergraduate level, unemployed and a woman with mild mental health issues.

Issues exacerbated by people who disagree.

I was a bit gobsmacked at this, and it was left to one of the other blokes I’d been talking to to try and explain to this white, cis, straight, well-educated, healthy young man why what he’d said was so daft that my head was about to explode and cover him in chunks of brain which would then remember what he had said and explode into smaller chunks, which would then continue to explode into smaller and smaller chunks until they were just atoms and that could potentially cause the end of the universe.

After some ostentatious agonising, a conclusion of sorts is reached.

Seriously, if someone from a minority group tells you that your actions have personally harmed or offended them because they are a member of that group, do not tell them that they should not be offended and that you know better.

Even if the complaint in question is pretentious or opportunist and you are in fact correct. Because, as we’ve been told many times, “perception is everything.” That’s their perception, obviously, not yours. So be quiet and comply.