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"You gotta be fucking kidding."



Nothing lifts the spirits like a song about a deadly alien parasite.



"You can pick up an axe
and go cra-zy
But I can grow legs
from my head…"

Plus: best middle eight ever.


From another world, baby.

sackcloth and ashes

Utter class. I liked the Rambo one as well - 'You're not expendable'.

Kevin B

While The Thing was good, the Conan one really captured the art of the musical; desperately jamming some lame expository lines into a mediocre tune. Great stuff.

The Lamentations of the Women


Fantastic! :)



That is the most awesome thing I've seen all day.

Of course, it's not the same day that I saw this:


carbon based lifeform

The 'Thing' prequel/remake isn't getting good reviews.




“The Thing prequel/remake isn’t getting good reviews.”

No, though it’s no great surprise. And I suppose that’s the problem. Carpenter’s version was visually very surprising and suspenseful. But a prequel is pretty much boxed-in before it starts. We know most of what’s going to happen (and how it has to end) before it does.

Carpenter’s film still stands up reasonably well because of its detail and ambiguities. It misleads and deliberately doesn’t answer all of the questions it raises. (Is Childs infected at the end? Is the Thing the pilot of the crashed ship or was the pilot infected - or was the Thing cargo? Did the pilot crash in Antarctica to keep the Thing away from living material? Does the Thing actually have a default form of its own? And so on.) But the reviews I’ve seen of the prequel don’t suggest it offers much in the way of intrigue or adds much to the premise.

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