Thuggery and Squalor is New and Exciting
Friday Ephemera

A Better World (2)

Another one for the pile marked passive-aggressive, from Occupy Portland. It’s a long clip but instructive, and as things progress, unpleasantly tense. I can’t help thinking it captures the, er, flavour of so much of what we’ve seen. There’s something for everyone. An ineffectual pacifist who arrives too late, fails to calm the situation then walks away; vacant stoners; and a belligerent onlooker who also wants to play the passive-aggressive game. Note how Masked Raving Guy says, “We are the 99% and we don’t want you in our society!” (That’s because he’s “trying to bring back democracy,” see?) Masked Raving Guy is ostensibly angry about how his fellow protestors have been depicted, i.e., as incoherent and aggressive. “We don’t want any violence,” screams he, while going out of his way to be provocative and physically intimidating.

I’m guessing his reflection doesn’t please him.


In other news, “occupiers” outside St Paul’s Cathedral demand free poppies while denouncing the veterans who sell them as “baby killers.” Some find ways to make their presence known inside the cathedral by using its carpets as a latrine. (Still, on the upside, no mysterious deaths as yet.) At Occupy Victoria tree-dwelling protestors douse those below with urine, and at Occupy Vancouver biting is the new black. At Occupy St Louis a charming message is sent: “If you don’t agree with us, we will hack you.” At Occupy Oakland protestors open an account for donations at the same bank they vandalised days earlier, saying it’s “the easiest way to access the money to bail out people from jail.” In Zuccotti Park another photographer is assaulted, the fourteenth incident reported, and police refuse to take action for fear of “causing a riot.” And at Occupy DC protestors display their racial understanding and brotherly compassion.

So, clearly, utopia beckons.