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November 28, 2011



Why, it’s almost as if socialism were a license for neoteny and spite.




You do have to wonder if the young woman holding this sign is fully aware of its connotations.


"Cultural Revolution" is a western Media construct. The Chinese means something more like "Agonizing Reappraisal"


"You do have to wonder if the young woman holding this sign is fully aware of its connotations. "

Wouldn't surprise me if it's entirely intentional. Considering how many on the Left seemed to approve of the great Chinese cultural experiment while it was happening...

I'm reminded of the Weather Underground talking about having to herd Americans into reeducation camps and put tens of millions to death when they fail to adopt the proper mindset.

I suspect revolutionary ideologies are a bit like holy wars: not only do you get to indulge in hatred and violence to your heart's content, you can do it with your conscience's blessing, too!

Dana Coe

Actually, the Chinese for cultural revolution is practically an exact translation. "Wenhua dagemin" is the Chinese. WenHua means cultural (or "civilization") and DaGeMin means revolution.



"Are there any trade unions in Britain that aren't infested with communists?"

Ted S., Catskills, NY

I don't know why I read the comments to that article, Anna. I'd like those five minutes of my life back. :-)

My "elsewhere" moment came over the weekend. With the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States on Thursday, that made Friday "Black Friday", the day on which there's stereotypically a big rush of shoppers starting their Christmas shopping. This year, thanks to the OWS people, there were calls to "Occupy Black Friday" and punish the "big" retailers and "shop local". The local TV stations duly reported on this uncritically.

My favorite part of this doe-eyed reportage was when they went to the local outlet of the Fa Irt Rade business (because splitting two words up into three is no dumber than joining them up as one Newspeak-style). Apparently, there was a bit of disappointment in the Fa Irt Rade camp because the American branch of Fa Irt Rade is in a dispute with the global brand about what constitutes "fair". Tha fact that you have this large Western business imposing its own arbitrary ideas of fairness upon people in the Third World and calling it "fair" is no different from other Western business practices was lost on both the shoppers and the media propagandists.


"Are Ridley Scott's falling petals, which he seems to like so much that he puts them in his films over and over again, anything more than a way to gussy up the triumph of oligarchy, corporate capital and globalisation?"

A true CiF classic:




“A true CiF classic.”

We were stunned by its awfulness a few days ago. A minor debate ensued as to exactly how unhinged the author is.


I think I know why Laurie Penny keeps getting airtime on 'Newsnight'...

"In what will doubtless be seen as further evidence of a Left-wing agenda at the BBC, Paul Mason, the economics editor of Newsnight, posits the case in a new book that the summer riots were part of a “global revolution”."


Sound familiar?

carbon based lifeform

LAPD Forced To Wear Hazmat Suits To Clean Up Occupier Camp, Protesters "Storing Human Waste For Unknown Reasons"...



"Protesters "Storing Human Waste For Unknown Reasons"... "

Because there are known reasons for storing human waste?


Storing Human Waste For Unknown Reasons

I bet it wasn't for jam making.


I’m now picturing the paramilitary wing of the Women’s Institute, all furiously making barrels of excremental marmalade.


'We Dominate BBC Flagship News'


Horse's mouth, etc.


“We Dominate BBC Flagship News.”

Heh. I can’t decide which is more significant: That the obnoxious Ms Orr openly admits this fact, or that the laughable Mr Hundal denies it.


Why, it’s almost as if socialism were a license for neoteny

Exhibit A...




I imagine that you've seen this already, but I wanted to make sure you saw it, because I dearly love the linguistic thrashings that you hand Laurie Penny.


Ms. Penny comes to the States and ends up in the hospital for a spider bite. She receives, by her own admission, fantastic care.

Which is a problem for her, apparently, and indicative of everything wrong with the American health care system.


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