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The OccupodPeople Will Save Us

Via EBD, meet Daniel Johnson, Saskatchewan Green Party candidate and full-time OccupodPerson: “Occupy has no leaders. We run on a consensus based thing, though there are kind of… certain people whose ideas get followed more than others.”

Spare a moment too for this union liaison and Portland Occupodder who wants to “see human beings come together” and “interact with one another.” You see, he’s “tired of differentialities.” However, this touchy-feely soul “couldn’t care two fucks about what happens if, you know, we have another Great Depression.” So his requests for more intimate interaction may not appeal to everyone:

In other news, Occupy Portland has now been shut down for clear-up and disinfection - a feat requiring dozens of state employees and 70 garbage trucks, all at public expense - but it lingers in the memory for its remarkably mixed messages. As, for instance, when homemade grenades and Molotov cocktails were discovered around the encampment while the press was being told, “The focus is peace.” OccupodPerson Jordan LeDoux told the world, “We’re going to continue occupying these parks peacefully,” while his comrades set about crafting makeshift weapons to use against the police, including razor blades, knives, rocks and assorted projectiles, all in the name of “social justice” and while chanting “Non-violent!” Razor blades are also the peace implement of choice at Occupy San Francisco, being as they are ideal for slashing police officers’ hands and faces. And at Occupy Philadelphia, where the dream still lives, some OccupodPeople are belatedly concerned by the spate of sexual assaults taking place in their utopian shanty towns. However, the police, they tell us, are not the people to call: 

We’re getting our shit together, but, ahh, basically, ahhm, if you come across an incident of sexual violence, ahhm, direct them to someone with the pink arm band, ahhm, or to the medic tent, ahhm… the medics are also really, really rad, ahh, and totally on top of their shit.  

Also on top of his shit, quite literally, was this radical gentleman, filmed halfway through his dirty protest at Occupy Seattle. It’s a charming embodiment of the “occupy” philosophy: Cleaning up afterwards is something other people do.

The New York Times is of course down with the cats and hip to this edgy groove, seeing much to admire in this “new progressive movement” for a “new progressive age”:

The young people in Zuccotti Park… have started America on a path to renewal… A new generation of leaders is just getting started.  

Not to be outdone, the Guardian is telling us that “the Occupy movement are the realists.” It’s a “new political space” where they’re “debating an alternative future for us all.” 

Which is nice of them.

Bearing in mind the riotsthuggery, vandalism, pathological lyingurine hurlingexcremental desecrations, drug overdoses, shootings and, oh yes, outbreaks of tuberculosis and lice… I’d say the “occupy” project has been a roaring success, yes? Now imagine that triumph everywhere, writ large and stretching into the future…


Update, via the comments:

Laurie Penny is dismayed to learn that Zuccotti Park is finally being cleared, at least temporarily. Which is probably for the best, as local business owners were planning a counter-protest about the noise, filth and intimidation coming from the OWS protestors. Apparently round-the-clock drumming, unprovoked abuse and shitting in the streets isn’t boosting the economy.

Laurie blames the police, of course:

At four in the morning in lower Manhattan, as what remains of the Occupy Wall Street encampment is loaded into trash compacters, some protesters have still not given up on the police. Kevin Sheneberger tries to engage one NYPD officer in a serious debate about the role of law enforcement in public protest. Then he sees them loading his friend’s tent into the back of a rubbish truck. Behind him, a teenage girl holds a hastily written sign saying: “NYPD, we trusted you – you were supposed to protect us!”

Our “radical journalist” does her usual spiel about “violent crackdowns,” then goes on to tell us about the “outrage and anger at state violence against unarmed protesters.” “Law enforcement is there to protect a wealthy elite from the rest of the population,” says she. The OccupodPeople are naturally depicted as helpless kittens, unarmed pacifists all, and in no way responsible for the measures being taken. There’s no mention – no mention whatsoever – of the events documented at length here and elsewhere, in which protestors repeatedly and deliberately initiated violence and delighted in mob intimidation, and which cast a less flattering light on events. In Laurie’s mind, apparently, these things simply did not happen.

Speaking of things Laurie somehow doesn’t mention, here are a few words from Mark Steyn:

So we now have dead bodies at Occupy VancouverOccupy OaklandOccupy Salt Lake City, and even Occupy Burlington, Vermont. The good news is that for the moment Occupy Wall Street types seem more at risk from scrofula.

Even Kalle Lasn, who first suggested OWS, is having serious doubts about the behaviour of the OccupodPeople. He finally seems to be realising that the experiment has failed - as it was bound to, given the parties and psychology involved - and that unless the “occupiers” behave and withdraw, things can only get more menacing, more violent and more vile. As Verum Serum notes,

He’s too cagey to say it outright, but don’t miss the message: Lasn is afraid of his own monster. He doesn’t believe the camps will get better, he thinks they could very well turn “ugly” or perhaps uglier. Let that sink in for a moment. How bad do things have to be for the creator of the idea to suggest a hiatus?

Again, a triumph all round.

And so the “occupiers” complain about their shanty towns finally being scraped from the streets in an attempt to restore order and basic hygiene. And like so much else before it, this too is disingenuous. Given their behaviour and the growing squalor, what did they expect to happen? What was their exit strategy? At what point were they planning to clear up their garbage, pick up the excrement, apologise to the locals and go home peacefully?



Update 2:

In New York, the OccupodPeople promise to strike back:   

Shut down the NYSE. Shut down the subways. Shut it all down.

Note that once again these warriors for “social justice” give no thought to the people on whom they will impose. But then, imposing on random strangers is a badge of credibility.

Arrogant, vindictive, utterly self-involved.