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Friday Ephemera

“The Little Rooster will wake her up with increasing vibration intensities.” // Your kitchen needs robots. // Art with salt. // What exactly happens when you fall into lava? // Scribbled line people. // Do you pogo? // When octopuses mate, it’s quite confusing. // Ugly Renaissance babies. // Baby echidna. // Brains made of food. // Build your own gingerbread geodesic house. // Devastating explosions. // “Sapphire and Steel have been assigned…” (h/t, MeFi) // Seven-inch insect eats carrots. // Terrarium Christmas tree ornaments. // A mountain walkway that’s made of glass. // And (subtle hint) your host has been known to lift a glass of this.


Mr Eugenides

I've been stressing over last-minute Christmas shopping, but thanks to the Little Rooster, that's Auntie Brenda sorted out! Cheers!


“Sapphire and Steel have been assigned…”

Seventies flashback!

All I remember is that it was mostly incomprehensible and very, very slow.

sackcloth and ashes

Just heard that Christopher Hitchens passed away. Sad day.


“All I remember is that it was mostly incomprehensible and very, very slow.”

That’s a fair description. It’s very low budget, quite stagey and there’s lots of ominous staring into the middle distance, occasionally punctuated by ominous walking from one room to another. And even the staring is done very, very slowly. But it does have a certain… atmosphere. I remember preferring it to Doctor Who, which was aggravating even as a child.


A real shame about Christopher Hitchens. I didn't always agree with him, but he always made you think.
The world is a better place for him having lived, and greatly diminished by his death.
I've included a link to an image I found on Tumblr the other day which sums up his character nicely.


“Just heard that Christopher Hitchens passed away.”

He was often good or very good indeed, and sometimes bafflingly wrong. But almost always interesting.


Babies are a bitch to draw.


Especially when they're supposed to be Jesus, as most of the ones the Tumbler are...


The weta story is mainly bollocks.I find bigger ones in my house at least twice a year.
We don't feed them carrots. The old chap collects them up in a glass jar and puts them outside in the garden and we hope they don't come back inside. Their feelers are very long and we try to avoid trapping them in the glass edges. Yeah it is yuck but we make a point of not killing creatures just because we can. I hate the bastards though. They climb up your legs and bite if disturbed.Heh, there are worse things in Australia.


Babies are a bitch to draw.

And to keep clean.

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